Wow, good work Lola. I’ve read most of your stories …

Comment on Tender Love by Nata.

Wow, good work Lola. I’ve read most of your stories and I find them interesting, entertaining as well as educative. Child molestation by adults they trust is a serious issue.

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The Family Part 33
Nini is my girl. God will see her through. I feel Rhoda may be forced to go back to chief or remain a second wife to Dapo. I’ll share these posts like cazy cos I need a weekend post. Weldone sis Lola

The Family Part 25
Welcome back Lola. I’ve really missed this series. I hope Rhoda will not chase her benefactor away with her attitude. Poor Mini, poverty is really pushing her buy she should pls learn from her mum’s mistake. Dele has even started the preamble to hitting her.Thank you Lola.

The Family Part 19
I really enjoyed today’s post. I re-read it like three times. I’m glad Nini’s mum is awake. Chief and Biola….hmnnn. We’ll see theu come. I feel chief is too harsh to mama Eli. Thanks Lola. May God give you more wisdom.

The Family Part 10
Ahn ahn…Biola didn’t have to do that.