Send some love my way!

Hello everyone!

So you remember that I talked about my upcoming novel right? Well, I need your help! I need your reviews about my writing and about The Attendant (if you read it while it was on my website).

All I need is 1, 2 or at most 3 lines of your review. Please also include your name(which will also be published). You can do this in the comments section, or click Contact Me on the menu button. I’m using some of them on my book and for adverts.

I can trust you to respond to this right? 🙂 So, send some love my way please!

10 Replies to “Send some love my way!”

  1. Omolola Opatayo, a skillful writer who brings her characters to life in the mind of her readers. In The Attendant, the troubles of adolescence coupled with the enticing world of pleasures and unfulfilled expectations are brought to life. A must read for all.

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  2. Very descriptive and passionate in her words… The suspense through out her Stories, to me should be rated as a “9” in a scale of 0 to 10. Yet they all have been very educative cutting across all stages of human life.

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  3. Lola blows my mind away each time and I always look forward to reading her posts. She is an amazing writer with a great persona. She is so apt in her descriptions you will feel like you were a character in the write up. Wonderful storyline you will wish never ends. She is one to look out for, Chimamanda and the likes have a competition!!

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  4. Your write ups are amazing, very educating and would be a good read for tenagers . Kids really need to be more informed these days cos the worse terrorists most times are from within our homes and persons who are supposedly there to watch wishes n i hope uncan reach the world through your writing n save somemore lost persons.

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  5. Omolola,each time I read your write up, I feel you are a gift to this generation. Your write-ups are so real. I love the way your words impress strongly on the mind of your readers. Thank you.

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