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Online Book Tour: Ifesinachi Okpagu’s “The Domestication of Munachi.”

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Good news! Another online book tour is coming to on Monday the 4th of April 2016. It’s Ifesinachi Okpagu’s The Domestication of Munach. There will be book readings and an opportunity to ask the author about her work.

The tour is going to be hosted on ten literary blogs (including for five days. So, please plan to participate and stand a chance of winning yourself a free copy of the novel. Teekay won Obinna Udenwe’s Satans and Shaitans after the last tour so be hopeful!

Here are the tour dates and stops:

Creative Writing News   — 4thApril, 2016.

Lola Opatayo — Pages and Paragraphs —  4th  April, 2016


Brittlepaper—5th April, 2016

The Magunga—5th April, 2016


BooksLiveSA — 6th April, 2016

Praxis Magazine For Arts and Literature — 6th April, 2016


KinnaReads—7th April, 2016

Open Book Nigeria — 7th April, 2016


Bookshy—8th April, 2016

AFREADA—8th April, 2016


Novel Synopsis:

On a hot Sunday afternoon years ago…
…Two sisters walk in on their father’s sexual liaison with the family’s hired help which leaves them both scarred in different ways.
Years later…
Unable to bear the thought of marriage to a man she barely knows, the younger and more adventurous one, Munachi, runs away from home on the eve of her traditional marriage, unwittingly resurrecting a long buried feud between her religious mother and eccentric aunty. This conflict leaves a door open for the family’s destruction.
The Domestication of Munachi (DOM) is a novel about the unnecessary pressure on women to take on life partners, regardless of who these partners are and the psychological impacts seen through the stories of two sets of sisters—Munachi and Nkechi versus Chimuanya and Elizabeth.


About the Author:

ifesinachi - book cover photo

Aside wishing she could travel more often and she could stop answering questions nobody ever asks, Ifesinachi is a creative mom with the superhuman abilities to get bored when she’s working on a single project at a time. The Domestication of Munachi is her first novel.
In her regular life, Ifesinachi .O. Okpagu is a Lagos based marketing communications executive with over seven years’ experience, including being an Associate Producer of a pan-African TV show and heading the marketing communications team of an insurance company. She also serves as the chief custodian of the Lexiton brand with intellectual property in the media and entertainment industry. Her first book, a novella, was published when she was fourteen and was adopted as a secondary school recommended text in Delta and Ebonyi states.
She was educated at Queens College, Lagos, and at the University of Benin where she obtained a BA in Fine and Applied Arts. Ifesinachi also holds a Masters degree from the Pan-African University where she graduated top of her class. She has written several stories, some of which have been published in Sentinel Nigeria, the African Roar Anthology and Saraba Magazine.
She has written/produced several screenplays for the big screen and for television.

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