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Glimmer Part 8


“So what was that?” Kemi asked
“Nothing. He just wanted me to deliver a message to Uncle” Blessing replied
“Uhn uhn!” she said unbelieving
“And why was he looking at you like that?”
“How?”  Blessing countered
“I am not a fool. The way that man was looking at you shows he is interested in you.”
“Kemi don’t annoy me o! Did I call you a fool? Why do you always take things so personally? Did I mention the word fool? This is why your madam hits you, you don’t know the right thing to say. He’s interested in me! A married man! Please if you don’t have anything reasonable to say maybe we shouldn’t be friends anymore” Blessing hissed in disgust, entered her compound and slammed the gate.
It didn’t work. Kemi knew Blessing had something to hide, she also knew Daddy Teni’s history with maids. Blessing however was her only friend; she genuinely looked out for her and always gave her a listening ear. It wasn’t too much to ask of her to ignore this distasteful episode, her friendship with Blessing was more important. She made a mental note to ask Blessing’s forgiveness and walked on to her house.
Blessing was opening the door to the house when Emmanuel called her. He was wearing a new shirt, she hadn’t seen this one before and his hair was shining with oil? She wondered where he was going to dressed the way he was.
“Emma, Emma! Nawa o! Are you going to see your girlfriend?” she asked smiling
“Girlfriend? I don’t have a girlfriend o!”
“You don’t have a girlfriend? Why?”
“The woman hasn’t agreed.”
“Maybe you’re not saying it well. What reason did she give?”
“Err…actually I haven’t asked her”
“Ah ah…why?” Blessing asked curious and slightly irritated
“I’m shy…” he said bowing his head
“Are you not a man? Just ask her and if she says no then move on”
“But I don’t want her to say no”
“How can you know if you’ve never asked?”
“Okay…err…Blessing…will you be my girlfriend” he asked timidly
“Are you rehearsing? You have to do better than that o!”
“No, no…I’m asking you to be my girlfriend”
Blessing was dumfounded, where was this coming from? What impression did she ever give this guy to make him so bold to ask her out?  “What?” she laughed “You’re not my type, go and look for your type elsewhere. You cannot take care of me” she said and turned towards the door
“I can! I’m saving money and very soon I will buy a television”
Blessing laughed. This was unbelievable. “You have saved! Is it the one hundred naira you contribute weekly that you want to use to take care of me?”
“It’s three hundred naira….” He corrected
“Please!  I can’t be your girlfriend so let’s just forget this matter” she said and made towards the door
“Blessing give me a chance” he pleaded; he had mustered up all the courage he had to ask this beautiful lady out. He couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. His dreams had been full of her smiling and holding his hands, others had been more intimate. He had bragged about her to his friends back home and told his mother he was finally bringing home the woman that would bear her grandchildren.
Blessing walked in and surveyed the sitting room. The TV was on and there was a half empty bottle of water on the stool. On the couch was a handsome young man sleeping. Who was this? Why didn’t Emmanuel tell her there was a stranger in the house? She moved towards him and shook him.
“Uncle…Uncle…” she called
The man stirred and sat up.
“Who are you here to see sir?”
“What sort of question is that? I should be asking that question, who are you?”
“Please I don’t want any trouble. Who are you here to see, I will call the gateman” she threatened
The man laughed. “Call him while I call my brother” he said
“Your brother? Are you Uncle’s brother?”
“Yes, Sister Titi said she would tell the maid I was coming today but I haven’t seen her. I am terribly hungry and here you are questioning me about my identity. Who are you?” he asked observing how pretty she was
“I am the maid. Sorry sir I didn’t know” she said suddenly embarrassed
“You are the maid?” he asked surprised observing her again. She spoke good English for a maid and was dressed like somebody in a higher social class; she was wearing a red V-neck Tshirt over dark blue jeans and her long hair had been let down. Her dark smooth skin glistened with sweat. How was his brother coping with such a beauty?
“Yes… let me serve your food” she said and walked towards the kitchen. This handsome man was Uncle’s brother? She saw that there was a mutual attraction between them. This man would do. Yes he would.

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