Glimmer Part 2

Titi Coker
I like this girl. She speaks fairly good English and looks presentable, but she’s older than I expected; she already has the body of a woman. This shouldn’t be a problem, in fact, it is not a problem. I trust Bode, we have a good marriage. Enough of these gloomy thoughts! I just hope she passes the tests. Dr Famakinwa has always been our trusted friend and I’m sure he’ll take her through all the necessary tests.
She looks nervous. I don’t blame her, I would be too. I hate hospitals. We are waiting for the results now and the entire process has gone well. She is a virgin. Unbelievable! I don’t see why she would have lied about it when Dr Famakinwa asked if she was sexually active. Bode is calling. Oops! In my excitement I totally forgot to tell him about Misturat, no, Blessing. Her name is Blessing now.



How could I have told them that I was not a virgin? I can’t believe they were so gullible. I must continue to keep up this good impression so that my plan goes smoothly. I’m not going back to Osogbo the way I left.
The nurse calls my madam. How long does a phone call take? Rich people sha! The nurse insists that I go in to see the doctor. I am terrified, the man has such a mean look. I enter his office and he tells me the results, my madam walks in a few minutes later and he shares the results with her, we are both relieved.

Titi Coker
Thank God she passed. Finally I’ll have more time to run my business. I am anxious to get her home so that I can acquaint her with her job but first I have to wait for her to get her medication; her blood count is low and she tested positive for malaria.

Thank God I passed! I’m on my way to the good life death snatched away from me. I walk lightheartedly towards the pharmacy where I’m to be given the medication for the STI. The doctor and I have made a deal. What a blessing he is! Wait a minute, that’s my new name, Blessing

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