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Disturbance of the Peace

Short Story
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My eyes open to the ray of light piercing through the space between the curtains. I feel weighted down with weariness, they say in the morning it’ll be alright but I swear I felt better last night. The air is still, the sun has already come up and the birds are chirping at my window. This morning I’m irritated by their constant shrill sounds, I just want to go back to sleep and dream. They must have read my mind because they fly away.

I’m drifting off to sleep again dreaming of distant lands when I hear the sound of water beating against a steel bucket. Those children have come again this morning.

“Come here, there is plenty water in this tap!” One of them yell to the others, completely jolting me out of my sleepiness.

I am angry.

Very angry.

Rising up with a slight headache and intense fury I open the curtain and scream.

“Oya close that tap and go back to your houses! Don’t let me see you here again!”

They scamper off giggling. What’s so funny?! Next I slide open the net and destroy the bird’s nest with immense satisfaction, they won’t be giggling. I flop on my bed determined to sleep in but my skin’s already damp with perspiration. Do I have to get up again? Arrgh!!! I summon the willpower to and turn on the ceiling fan.

There! What a relief! The cool air gently tickles my pores and I’m drifting off again.

Distant lands here I come…

The air is still again, the power is out.

I grab my pillow and scream into it.

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