Will this be developed ? :-) …

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will this be developed ? 🙂

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Oyinade Episode 2.4: “Marked.”
We are plenty who are ready for the book to go on sale 🙂 hear our plea now

Oyinade Episode 5: “A Father’s Heart”
Lola Lola OMOLOLA…. how can you end here… Monday is too far

Oyinade Episode 3: “The Creature With Ten Eyes”
LOLA….. I just got my sister to start reading
Biko just gimme the whole make i read quietly… this snippets are torture

We Knew Them Part 20
How can you end today like this… So unfair… Lanre and Jumoke,… Show down of life

The Family Part 35
A very good read. I have been captivated from day 1