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Oyinade Episode 4: “The Heat of the Game”


It rained heavily for three consecutive days, the clouds remained dark and heavy. No one could go to their farms, and everyone watched from their doors how the rain was slowly becoming a flood. If it rained for one more day, the rain would seep into their houses. The atmosphere in Iluope was tense, Iya …

The Family Part 25


Hello everyone! My break is over and the series continues. For those of you who’ve asked, the workshop was insightful! A big thank you to Mr Chris Ihidero who graciously shared his knowledge with about thirty-five of us. 

The Family Part 11


“What about Yimika?” “He has a disease, condition, I don’t even know. I just know he’s not normal.” Chief Afonja pulled away from his wife. “What do you mean he’s not normal?”

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