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This is really sad. Instead of having joy and peace …


Comment on Shadows Part 16 by teekay.

This is really sad. Instead of having joy and peace after their wedding Leke is cooling his heels off in prison. May prison yards not be our honeymoon destination.

Rotimi, your own case is “abowaba”. Let’s see how you’ll feel when Kanyinsola gives you a dose of your own medicine.

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Five Covid-Inspired Prompts for Writers
Welcome back. I have missed your posts. Hope you are good.

A New Era
It’s my pleasure. I should thank you for being a unique and an exceptional writer.
Adelola did me much good the day she tagged me to your blog. If not for her, I would have missed all these cool stories.
God bless you both. 😃

A New Era
Congratulations, Omolola. I love positive news like this.

Room 003- Part 3
This is so saddening. Thank God Mariam tested negative to HIV. All the trust between her and Hakeem have been shattered by this discovery.

I would have done what Labake did, considering the fact that Mariam just put to bed. I would also have been silent the same way Mariam was, when she discovered Hakeem’s infidelity. Obviously, all that he was saying was only because he got caught.

The Family Part 24
I smell a rat somewhere….with Rhoda being checked out by a doctor. I hope i’m wrong.
Niniola, I trust you to take th right decision.