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Since the comment box is unavailable in the last …


Comment on Shadows Part 16 by Janesblonde.

Since the comment box is unavailable in the last story in this series,,I decided to comment here, instead. Lola, You have done a fantastic job as always. I find it a bit saddening, in that it had to do with church folks, their struggles and the ways they hurt one another. Even though it’s fiction, it’s kinda too close to reality. How I am disappointed in that character called Elder Mba. Lola, You might need to put a disclaimer in future works because you never can tell, you may write of an event about to happen or even unknowingly like one other works of yours (I’m not ugly). You know it bears a resemblance to the story that sparked heated conversations on social media months back, about a male teacher in a popular secondary school who was in the habit of molesting the school girls and whom the principal was protecting??? And the series had just ended before that news broke out!.
Sorry it’s a long read, I just had to do this.
PS. I’m a friend of Adelola’s, the autism teacher.
Warm Regards!

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