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Indeed they do! …


Comment on "The Madman Who Sits on the Bridge" by Lola.

Indeed they do!

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"The Madman Who Sits on the Bridge"
Even this elderly lady with yellow teeth is suspicious! You write really well!

"The Madman Who Sits on the Bridge"
Wow! This things happen o. K'Olohun ma a so wa

"The Madman Who Sits on the Bridge"
vivid imagination

"The Madman Who Sits on the Bridge"
"….yellow teeth into a large kolanut…" i can imagine. very vivid. weldone ma

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Lola, Lola, Lola!!! How many times did I call you? Is one month break not over? Hanan! It’s not fair o

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Wow! This just got better. I just hope Toye doesn’t run mad.
Chewing my nails and waiting for Friday like…….

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You are very correct . The muse isn’t always present. But there are places, events, people….that trigger it. Every writer must know what sets his juices rolling. For me I get the best inspiration when in having a hot shower or taking a walk under the hot sun. Sounds crazy…. but it does for me.

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Am so learning a lot from this series. Please Ma is season 3 out now?

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