Jumoke should not fall for Lanre’s tactics o …

Comment on We Knew Them Part 5 by Datoks.

Jumoke should not fall for Lanre’s tactics o

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Abowu District Episode 49
Whoa, what a way for Toye to end up, I really feel for him. Bala just deceived him, so sad. Thanks Lola, more wisdom from God

Abowu District Episode 48
I just know the outcome of this will not be nice, and maybe Toye and Doyin need to both due. Thanks Lola for the update

Abowu District Episode 47
That serves Uche right , I just feel for Philomena, so sad that she had to die. Happy new year Lola

Abowu District Episode 45
So happy for Becky, glad she’s getting her life back on track..l

Abowu District Episode 44
Annabell has outdone her self this time, I just hope Becky is oksy and should not go back to any of those men.