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We Knew Them Part 38


Dear reader,

This is the last episode of the series. Thank you for reading, comenting and sharing. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

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“A threatened miscarriage?” Gbemi asked.
“Yes,” the middle-aged doctor said, doing her best to deliver her news as well as possible.
She was in the waiting room with Lanre and Gbemi who had been seating on the edge of their seats, wondering what was happening to Toyin. Lanre’s shirt was smeared with blood and he looked haggard, suffering from the effects of a hangover as well as anxiety. Gbemi was not conscious of her scanty attire. She stretched out her long legs, barely covered by the shorts she had managed to put on when Lanre knocked on her door to ask for help earlier that morning.
“What caused this?” Gbemi asked.
“The cause is not known. However several factors such as a previous miscarriage, diabetes or a high blood pressure can predispose a pegnant woman to the condition. We observed that your fiancée has a high blood pressure, has this happened before? Are you aware of her medical history?”
Lanre shook his head, clueless.
“How can you not know?” Gbemi snapped and faced the doctor. “So you’re telling me thtat she has a high blood pressure and it could be the reason why this happened?”
“Yes ma’am.” The doctor replied.
Gbemi put her hands on her waist and shook her head.
“So how’s she now?” Lanre asked.
“Like you were told earlier on, she’s been stabilized. You brought her here just in time. However, we need to place her on mandatory bedrest and monitor her closely, now and throughout the pregnancy. I would also encourage you to help her to relax as much as possible, she’s still at risk of a miscarriage.”
“’Thank you Doctor.” Lanre said.
“You’re welcome. You can see her in a few minutes, a nurse will show you to her room.”
Gbemi and Lanre thanked the doctor profusely and watched her go. As soon as she was gone, Gbemi turned to Lanre and slapped his face.
“This is all your fault!”
“Are you out of your mind?” Lanre yelled.
“You should be grateful that she’s alright, if not, you woud have been very sorry for yourself. I’m warning you Lanre, get your act together and stop messing up people’s lives! The world doesn’t revolve around you!”
“You know what your problem is? You never mind your business…”
“Now I understand why Remi hated you for years, you’re such a selfish person!”
Gbemi unlocked her phone and walked away from him.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I’m calling mum!”
“Yeah, whatever!”
Mrs Williams was furious, she was pacing the floor and hissing intermittently.
“Calm down, Funke.”
She huffed in response and continued pacing.
“Will you please sit down?”
‘He’s not even here Deji! We’re sitting here in the hospital and he’s not here! Why is your son so insensitive? Why can’t he be a responsible first born? Where did I go wrong oh God? What would we have said if she lost the pregnancy? What would I have told her mother ehn? What kind of problem is this?”
Mr Williams sighed and allowed his wife to continue to rant. There was nothing he could say to make her feel better. They were sitting in the lobby, waiting for the doctors to finish attending to Toyin who was responding well to treatment.
A few minutes later, they were allowed to be with Toyin again. Mrs Williams checked her forehead and asked how she was feeling every minute. Mr Williams had a smile fixed on his face but he was boiling with rage, enough was enough.
The door swung open and Lanre came in with a bottle of water in his hands.
“Dad, Mum.” He acknowledged.
“Did you bring the fruits?” his mother asked.
“Ooops! Forgot! I’ll go get them.”
“Lanre!” his father called, “Wait for me.” Mr Williams turned to Toyin and smiled. “Toyin dear, I have to go now, but I’m sure you’re in good hands. I want you to rest well alright?”
“Yes sir.” She answered.
“Everything wil be alright. Do you hear me?” he said sternly.
“Yes sir.” She replied.
At the carpark Mr Williams stood beside his car with Lanre.
“Your mother told me that you caused this…”
“She said you found the Oludare girl and that you’re trying to start something with her…”
“Listen to me,” Mr Williams said softly.
“You’re going to forget about that girl, you’re not going anywhere near her after all that happened. You will forget about her and focus on your wife, Toyin. She mustn’t lose that pregnancy, she mustn’t be stressed or worried or cry at all because of you. You will shower her with love and affection. Do you hear me….?”
“But Dad…”
“You will do this if you don’t want me to disinherit you. That position at Wilpac, the car, the money, the trust fund, everything will be gone if you mess this up. Toyin is my friend’s daughter and I will not let you drag this family’s name in the mud once again. I didn’t stand up for my friend’s daughter twelve years ago but I won’t make that mistake again. If I hear that you are still chasing that girl, you will lose your priviledges as my son, and don’t think I can’t do it. You might be the CEO, but I’m the Chairman, and the board listens to me.”
Lanre was stunned, he held the car for support. “Dad you want to disinherit me…”
“If my son is bent on digracing me among my friends, then he is not worthy of my blessings. This is the last time we will talk about this.”
“But Dad…” Lanre was going to tell him about Hope.
“I’m not listening to one more word!”
With that, Mr Williams got in his car and the driver zoomed off. Lanre stood staring at the departing car and thinking of nothing but Hope and the choice he had to make between her and his inheritance.
“What are you going to do?” Remi asked Lanre as they sat in the hospital lobby the night of that day.
“I don’t know Remi. I left everything to come back to Nigeria to grow the family business, how can I give that up?”
Remi pursed her lips, not knowing what to say.
“But I’m getting another chance with Hope, how can I abandon her yet again?”
“I guess it all boils down to which one is more important to you…”
Lanre put his hands on his head and sighed loudly
“I know you don’t want to hear this, but it is what it is. Which is more important to you Lanre?”
Jumoke looked at the door once again and wondered what was going on. Lanre was about an hour late and she was beginning to get furious. Were they being stood up?
“How come he’s not here mum?”
“I don’t know sweetheart. He’s not even picking up! When last did you guys talk?”
“He’s not called me since last week. The last thing he said to me was, “I’ll see you in two weeks”.”
Jumoke frowned and thought of the last two weeks, she had been the one who had reached out to him three days ago to confirm the meeting that had been previously set. Lanre had simply said that he would be there, he hadn’t called to remind her or say anything about it. Jumoke had an odd feeling about what was going on. She tried his number yet again but Lanre didn’t pick up. Just as she was about to call Remi, her phone rang. it was Lanre.
“Hello, where are you?”
“Hello Jumoke…. Something’s come up…”
“My fiancée has some health issues, she needs me. I have to be here.”
“Oh! I’m sorry to hear that. but you should have called to let me know…”
“I’m calling you now.”
Jumoke shook her head. What was that tone she detected in his voice? “Alright, so we’ll reschedule.”
“Bye…” He hung up.
Jumoke stared at her phone in confusion, something was not right. Her instincts told her that there was more to this. He hadn’t even asked to speak with Hope or told her to explain anything on his behalf. There was a finality to his voice that she couldn’t put a finger on.
“What did he say?” Hope asked expectantly.
“He can’t make it…”
“What? Why?”
“Something came up…”
“Why didn’t he tell us before now?”
“I don’t know sweetheart.”
Jumoke looked at the door, feeling pain. Hope was getting to know the other side of her father. The one that she’d been protecting her from.
“Hi.” Jumoke said, sitting in front of Remi at a restaurant.
“Hi.” Remi replied dully.
“So what’s up?”
Remi sighed. “I told Lanre that I wouldn’t do his dirty work for him but I can’t watch you wonder what’s going on. Not again.” She closed her eyes.
“What’s going on Remi?”
Remi folded her hands on the table and looked intently at Jumoke.
“Talk to me Remi.”
Remi calmly told her about Lanre and the decision he’d had to take.
“So he didn’t choose Hope, again.”
“I’m so sorry Jumoke.”
Jumoke shook her head. “I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have let him near Hope in the first place.”
“It’s not your fault Jumoke! I’m really sorry…”
“It’s okay. Thanks for letting me know.”
“I’m just trying to be a better friend this time around.”
“And I appreciate it.”
Jumoke held her hand and smiled.
“He doesn’t want to see me again?”
“I’m so sorry sweetheart…”
“Did I do something wrong?”
“No baby, this is not your fault! Please don’t think like this.”
“Maybe I talked too much. Or did I spend too much on the ice cream?”
Jumoke tried to hold back her tears.
“He said he wanted another chance… He said I was special…”
“Hope, you are special…”
“Then why doesn’t he want to see me again?”
“Oh Hope…!”
Jumoke held her daughter and cried with her. Lanre had broken her heart suddenly twelve years ago, and now he’d done the same thing to their daughter.
Derick and Hope were seated in the sitting room, Jumoke had just gone in to get her purse. Both were uneasy, wondering what to say to each other.
“I’m sorry for being nasty to you.” Hope said, staring at her feet.
Derick smiled. “It’s okay, I understand that you wanted your Dad.”
She huffed. “He didn’t want me.”
“That’s too bad, you’re a good person.”
“You think so? After everything I did?”
“Yes, I won’t judge you based on one mistake.”
As Hope looked at him, she realized why her mother loved him.
“You’re a very nice man.”
Derick laughed. “So are we cool? I’ve missed my conspiracy partner.”
“Yeah, we’re cool.” Hope replied, extending her hand for a handshake.
Derick took it.

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