The source of your inspiration will not run dry. Prayer: …

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The source of your inspiration will not run dry. Prayer: Lord, I sure know this is going to be fascinating too as usually. Please touch aunt Lola’s heart to make each episode longer than this. Amen.

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Oyinade Episode 2.1: “A Nobody…”
I really felt sorry for Oyinade. Nice piece.

Oyinade Episode 7: “The Washing”
Hmm.. I sighed

Aunt Lola, stop mesmerizing with our heart now, this suspense is too much.

Maybe I should rather request for a comic relief at this point.

Niece piece, your source will never dry IJN.

Oyinade Episode 6: “To Talk, To Eat, And Be Married…”
Aunt Lola, I’m still waiting…… the suspense is too much. Which kind of family does this Oyemakin has. Oyemakin pushing his lazy & good for nothing son to an innocent Princess. Even this Romoke ‘Sister-in-law’ Na wa o.

Aunt Lola I’m singing this song now o:

I am waiting/2ce
Please upload
everything @ once

Oyinade Episode 3: “The Creature With Ten Eyes”
Princess, please trust no one has Iya Ajike has warned you. You get to understand the riddle soonest. Great Piece Aunt

Oyinade Episode 1: “Fear…”
Aunt Lola, welcome back. May God continue to increase your knowledge