The Perfect Hostess

She went about like an automaton;
kneeling, smiling, and talking when necessary. She laid out the dining table
and stood back to inspect her work, the flowers looked withered so she took
them away to replace them with fresher flowers. She proceeded to the guest room
and surveyed it, the bed was made and the bathroom was clean with freshly
laundered towels and the necessary toiletries; everything seemed to be in place
until she noticed a vague stain on the bedsheet, she pulled it off the mattress
to get a cleaner one from the wardrobe. She spread out all the bedsheets but
they all had the same satin, and were in the exact spot as the one she had
pulled off. What was going on? There were clean ones in her bedroom, she would
get one of those.
Her children were playing in the
passage way and for some reason it upset her. “Go to your rooms now!” she ordered
as the children scampered to their rooms. She smiled a lopsided smile and went
into her bedroom where she found a clean bedsheet that was free from the stains
of the others. She sat on her bed and cried into it like a mother whose child
was going away to a far country “I will miss you” she said patting the bedsheet
 It was dinnertime and everyone was eating and
chatting happily, laughing at the jokes that her husband and his friend told. She
had cooked her specialty and everyone loved it, she got up to get more food
from the kitchen. She was afterall the perfect hostess.
After dinner she stood at the
sink washing the plates when her phone beeped. She wiped her hands with a
dishcloth and picked up her phone. It was a Whatsapp message from an unknown
“Hello Princess” it said
“Who is this please?” she typed
“Your secret admirer” the receiver
She stood confused wondering what
to do, then decided to ignore the message.
She exhaled sharply then picked
up her phone again.
“You’re ignoring me?”
“Lol! You can never ignore me
“I’ll be waiting for you”
She dropped the phone on the kitchen
slab and held her neck in fear her. She knew who it was, only one man called
her Delilah.
She sat in the shower singing “twinkle,
twinkle, little star” it reminded her of happier times.  Her husband called out to her, it was time. It
had always been like this but she would be fine in the morning, her life was
always better during the day when she was about her business as a manager. She stepped
into the bedroom gingerly, hoping he would be asleep.
“What took you so long?” he
“I… no… sorry…” she stuttered scratching
an imaginary itch on her scalp.
“Is that what you’re wearing?” he
“Yes” she said quietly, head
He appraised her then said “You
can go”
She opened the door to the guest
room trembling.
“Hey Delilah” her husband’s friend
said softly “You kept me waiting”

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  1. Anonymous
    Jun 12, 2014 Reply

    scratching an
    imaginary itch on MY scalp.

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  2. Ella Emma
    Jun 15, 2014 Reply

    Emmm… I'm pretty sure she got it right, it shld say 'her scalp'…
    The end had me, I defo didnt see that coming. Very lovely

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  3. Titi
    May 26, 2016 Reply

    Please Lola, do continue this particular short story. This beginning is a good base for another mind bugling tale. Because I am wondering what will make a husband release his wife for such an act and also it shows the woman is dying slowly with the molestation. Will be expecting it soon. Thank you for all your great stories.

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    • Lola
      May 26, 2016 Reply

      Lol! I’ll think about it, my wheels are turning.

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