I wish Mama Deji would go back home before things …

Comment on The Family Part 16 by Fatoki Kazeem.

I wish Mama Deji would go back home before things get out of hand in her son’s house.

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I definitely can relate to that, sweating profusely in a car that the AC was working at full capacity. Well done ma

The Family Part 35
Good story with lot of lessons for everyone to learn. God bless you Lola. I wish everyone would read and learn from your stories

The Family Part 34
Just like I imagined from the start, chief will be the sole loser in the end because he is going to end up alone. Nice work.

The Family Part 33
Please everyone let’s share as much as possible so we can get a weekend post again this week. Nice turnn of events. I wonder what chief will do with the knowledge that the Biola he wanted to give the world has another person. At last comfort is free from Mr and Mrs Gbolahan.

The Family Part 32
I’m happy Mama Deji has prove to throw Biola out of the house. Rhoda had better start preparing to be on her own.