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The Blue House S02 E05

Dear reader, hope you had a good week? Before you read today’s post I want to call your attention to a website- where they publish literature for children. The stories are brief and propagate morals. Take a look and share!
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Olayinka sat up in her bed crying bitterly after looking through the old pictures on her laptop. She wondered what had gone so wrong with her that made her courageous enough to go against her strong convictions on commitment and marriage. She had turned her back even on her children, and for what? A flimsy affair with a selfish man who had dumped her the moment she told him of her pregnancy.

“How could you have done this Effiong? Since when did I not become enough for you” she had asked Effiong when he confessed his affair to her.
“I was drunk…I could have never done it in my right mind” he had said sadly shaking his head as if he himself could not believe what he had done. “I’m so sorry… tell me what I can do to make this right please. You’re more than enough for me.” He had pleaded endlessly.
“I don’t think I can ever forgive you Effiong” she had said.
How can I expect him to forgive me now?
She heard the gate open, Effiong and the rest of the family had just come back from church and the twins were arguing about something. She quickly wiped her eyes. A few minutes later Effiong came into the room with the children who stared at their mother for the first few seconds before Sharon said:
“Mummy, why are you always crying?”
“Oh I’m not crying” Olayinka said with fake cheer.
“So why are your eyes red?”
“Err…” Olayinka began looking towards Effiong for help, he carried his clothes and walked into the bathroom to change. “Something got into my eye dear”
“Oh! Do you want me to blow it out for you?” she asked
“Aww thanks dear, it’s fine now. Max aren’t you going to say hello to Mummy?”
“Hello Mummy” he said simply as Effiong returned into the room.
“Alright kids let’s go and get lunch” Effiong said.
“Daddy, why don’t you and Mummy kiss anymore?” Sharon asked still staring at her mother’s eyes.
“It’s because Mummy can’t walk anymore” Max answered.
“It’s a lie!”
Effiong and Olayinka looked at each other for the first time in a while, and they saw what their problem was doing to their children.
It’s your fault. Effiong said with his eyes.
I’m sorry.  Olayinka replied.
“Alright guys no more arguing, let’s go and get lunch.” Effiong finally said.
“Kiss Mummy!” Sharon said defiantly crossing her chubby arms.
“Ejire do you want Grandma to finish your ice cream?” Mrs Adepetu called from the sitting room.
“Noooo…” they both screamed dashing out of the room and saving Effiong and Olayinka from Sharon’s outburst.
“I’m sorry about that…” Olayinka began.
“Yeah you should be” Effiong replied coldly and walked out of the room.
“I don’t think we can afford more than twenty thousand for Chijioke’s birthday” Obiora said to Helen after the children had gone to bed.
“We really can’t do more than that?” Helen asked alarmed.
“No babe, I’m so sorry” Obiora replied resignedly, birthdays were important in their home and he felt unhappy because he knew Chijioke would be terribly disappointed.
“Okay” Helen said rubbing her forehead thinking about how much she could do with twenty thousand.
“What’s on your mind?”
“I’m just thinking about what I can do with the money.”
Obiora rubbed her back. “I’m sorry”
Helen cast a sideways glance at him and said. “You can’t fix everything Obi, you can try but you can’t always make me, us happy and I love you in spite of that.”
“You have no idea what you do to me when you stay stuff like that” Obiora said softly, slipping his hands under her blouse.
“Maybe you should show me… a girl could do with a little affection you know” Helen said teasing him.
“Well I have more than a little affection in mind” Obiora replied winking at her and unclasping the hook of her bra.
“You talk too much…” Helen said pulling Obiora to herself.
“Mummy!” Chijioke called.
Helen and Obiora started, they hadn’t heard Chijioke come into the sitting room. “Sweetheart what are you doing up?” Helen asked flustered.
“I’m thirsty” he replied walking towards her.
“But you drank more than enough water before you went to bed!”
“I’m thirsty again!”
Helen shook her head, the boy was just looking for attention. “Chijioke you’re a big boy now, go to bed and stay there.”
“Mummy follow me” Helen looked at Obiora who rolled his eyes. “Okay let’s go but I’m not staying with you okay?”
“Okay. Goodnight Daddy”
“Yeah, goodnight” Obiora replied sourly.
“This girl is so cute!” Helen gushed, holding Teniola up on her laps and nuzzling her.
“Are you sure you don’t want another baby? A little Helen?…” Banke teased.
Helen laughed. “Obiora would actually not mind but I don’t think I have the energy to go through that stress again five years after my last baby.” Helen observed Banke. “You’re looking nice! Take it easy on Kunle o! Do you want to crush the poor guy?” Helen teased.
“That’s if he even notices me” Banke said rolling her eyes.
“Why wouldn’t he notice you? How could he not notice you?” Helen said jokingly even though she was genuinely concerned about Banke’s remark.
“Long story!” Banke said dismissively.
“C’mon I’m listening. I’m off duty today o!” Helen gently urged.
“Well…” Banke began hesitantly. “He thinks I spend too much money so he wouldn’t notice if I wore the most beautiful dress. To him I’ve just wasted his money and the annoying part is it’s not even his”
“I don’t get it, are you saying he has a problem with you spending your own money.”
“Yes…well I get some change from my Dad and he feels I shouldn’t collect money from him. Can you imagine that? The guy is just stingy.”
Helen exhaled slowly, Kunle had never struck her as a domineering or stingy man. “I don’t understand, what made you collect money from your dad?” As soon as she said those words Helen knew she had said the wrong thing so she quickly said. “I’m not saying it’s wrong for your Dad to give you money, I’m just wondering why Kunle has a problem with it.”
“Don’t mind him he’s just being insecure. He doesn’t want to give me money but my Dad is willing to and now he’s jealous. I can be loving but I’m not going to let any man put me under financial oppression. If I see something I want, I’ll buy it. You know he’s not from a wealthy home so he can’t understand what it means to enjoy life, he just wants to save everything.” Banke ranted as Helen listened stunned.
“Have you tried talking about it to him?”
“Sort of, but he doesn’t get the point and I’m tired of arguing with him all the time. Can you imagine that he chased Sister Solape away from our house and told her never to come back? Who does that?”
“Chased her away?”
“Yeah she came to sell some stuff she just brought from Dubai”
Helen was confused. “Had he told you not to buy from her anymore?”
“Actually I wanted Kunle to buy the things, but when he came back home and I told him he just laughed and acted as if I hadn’t said anything so I went to get the things myself.”
“But don’t you think that you could have just taken the hint that maybe he didn’t want you to buy the things?” Helen asked cautiously.
Banke looked at Helen awkwardly. “Whose side are you on?”
“Yours of course!” Helen said placatingly. “I just want you to understand the way men think. You know they’re egotistical and they don’t like their authority being questioned in any way…”
“That’s my point exactly! He’s too concerned about his own ego to care about the fact that I have needs.”
“Can you really not forego a few clothes just once, for peace sake?”
“This is not the first time he’s… can we change the subject please? I’m not sure you understand me and I don’t want to get into an argument with you.”
“Then make me understand…”
“It’s okay really…I knew you wouldn’t understand.”
Helen sighed, this had totally gone the wrong way. “Okay if you say so” she said with a smile.

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