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The Blue House S01 E07

All is not as it seems!”
Helen was pulling her braids into her hairnet when she heard the knock on the door. It was Obiora, she had heard him drive in a few minutes ago. She walked briskly to the door and opened it.
“Welcome” she greeted as he walked in.

“Yeah, thanks.” He said and hugged her, kissing her on the forehead. “I missed you” He said lovingly, watching her beautiful face blush under his intense stare.
“I missed you too…” she said softly “Thanks for the cake, it was a very pleasant surprise.”
“You’re welcome” he replied kissing her nose, still holding her. “I just hope it tasted as good as it looked in the picture you sent me”
“Oh it was delicious! I managed to save you some, the kids get going back for more!”
“So we’re okay?” he mumbled into her ears.
“Very…very okay” Helen replied and kissed him.
Ronke lounged on the sofa watching a Christian movie about submission in marriage and she was glad that she had listened to Dapo. Peace had only been around since morning, but like Iya Ibeji said she was very hardworking. The house was sparkling clean, the clothes were washed, dinner was ready on time, and she even closed her store later than usual. The girl was a blessing and she wondered why she had even allowed herself to be bothered in the first place. For the first time in a long time, she felt relaxed.

Joke didn’t know what to think about this girl called Peace. For some reason she just didn’t like her and she had told Ayodele so but he didn’t see anything wrong with her. Her eleven year old mind could just tell that there was something not right about her. Maybe it was the way she looked at her mother when she thought no one was looking, her spotty legs or the way she smelt. Joke had decided she wasn’t going to be her friend.
Ayodele hated this movie they were watching. He didn’t understand why his mother couldn’t watch American films like Spiderman and the Transformers. The film was about a woman who wasn’t submissive to her husband, he thought his mother was already submissive, so what was the point even watching it? His eyes wandered around the sitting room and he watched Posi already dozing off on his father’s stomach, Joke biting her nails and watching the movie and Peace at the dining table picking beans. He retuned his gaze back to the TV and then suddenly back to Peace. Her legs were wide open, and he could see her yellow panties. He immediately looked away but looked at them again, why couldn’t she sit properly? He stared at her a few seconds longer, he just couldn’t look away. Suddenly she closed her legs and looked squarely at him, and then she smiled.
Banke ate the chicken suya greedily while Kunle sat beside her looking blankly at the TV. He was slowly realizing that they needed to be more financially prudent, he had wanted to pay online for a new suit today when he realized that his savings account was empty. At first he had thought there had been a mistake until he did his calculations and realized that they had spent every single naira on the wedding, the honeymoon, the house rent, interior decoration, house upkeep, shopping for Banke, debt payments, and their many dates.
The challenge now was how to discuss this matter with his wife. He had always known her to love spending money (especially since she was from a rich home) and had told himself that he was up to the task of marrying her but he wasn’t so sure about that anymore. Married life was more financially demanding than he had anticipated and he didn’t want to disappoint his wife or look inadequate in her eyes but things really had to change. His salary hadn’t increased yet his expenditure had, his savings account was empty and the bills kept piling up. Against his resolution he had even considered asking Banke to assist him but she spent all her salary buying more clothes, food and house ornaments. Soon their baby would be born and the money he had planned to use for the naming ceremony was no more. He sighed.
“Are you okay?” Banke asked with her mouth full
“Yes” Kunle said
“But you sighed”
“Yes, I’m just tired that’s all”
“That reminds me, I’ve found a hall for the naming ceremony”
“A hall? But I thought we agreed to use our compound”
“Yes, but I was discussing the matter wth my Mum and she advised us to get a bigger place. You know it’s our first baby and we both come from large families. We don’t want people thinking we can’t afford to throw a proper party.”
“Banke we can’t afford a hall or a big party for that matter” Kunle blurted out
“What do you mean we can’t?” Banke asked surprised
“We got married about three months ago and I’ve spent so much money already. Let’s just have a small party, when the baby is one we can throw a big party. Right now we need to stabilize our finances.” Kunle explained gently
Banke was dumbstruck, Kunle had never told her he couldn’t afford anything. It was one of the reasons she had married him. “Stabilize our finances? Are you saying we’re poor? Kunle are we poor?”
Kunle sighed he knew this would be hard. “No we’re not, we’re just spending beyond our means right now”
“Are we in debt?
“No, what we have is just enough for normal expenses”
“Normal expenses? Are you saying our baby’s naming is an abnormal expense?” Banke asked incredulously
Kunle was frustrated. “No, of course not. That came out wrong. I’m saying we have to work with a lower budget for a while just so we don’t end up being in debt.”
“Kunle we have to throw a  big party for our first baby! What will our family and friends think of us? My Dad can loan us the money…”
“Did you not hear what I just said?” Kunle said with a raised voice. “I will not borrow money from your father. I can take care of my own finances.”
“I can’t believe this!” Banke said crying. “We shouldn’t have gotten married! We’re poor! I’m bringing my baby into a poor family!”
Kunle got up and walked in, his brain couldn’t process an adequate response to Banke’s outburst.

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