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The Blue House S01 E04

“Alright I’m expecting you… bye!” Olayinka disconnected the call. “They’re coming” she said to her friend Solape who had just come back from Dubai with boxes full of children’s clothes, shoes for children and women, bags, perfumes, jewelry and bags.
“Are you sure they’ll buy them well and pay on time?” Solape asked worried.
“Don’t you trust me? Do I bring poor customers to you?” she asked slightly offended.
“I know… I’m sorry, I’m just being a business woman jare, you know how people can be.” She said pacifyingly.
“Well I assure you , these ones won’t disappoint.”

Some minutes later, Helen and Banke walked in and after the introductions they began sifting through the goods, impressed and tempted by their quality.
“You really have nice things, I wish I could take them all!” Banke lamented
“Yes, you do! These clothes are not the regular designs that one sees. I’m impressed.” She said holding up a peach coloured chiffon blouse embellished with red sequins.
“Thank you…” Solape said pleased, “I like to sell only the best”
“I hope they’re not too expensive?” Helen asked
“Not at all, that blouse you’re holding is ten thousand naira”
“What?” Helen asked stunned
“Look at the blouse well, it’s made out of quality material, and look at those sequins. I’m even being very considerate with my pricing. Besides, I spent a lot of money bringing them in.”
“Still…” Helen said, suddenly discouraged. Banke on the other hand thought the price was very affordable and said so.
“I think it’s okay, the price is very good” she said to Helen.
“Are you sure?”
“Trust me if you were to buy this at a boutique they would be asking for so much more.”
“Ehn ehn…” Helen said doubtfully, suddenly feeling embarrassed. All eyes on were on her.
“Alright I’ll take it” she said reluctantly.
Ronke was exhausted. She had been busy all day, going to the market, cooking, doing laundry, delivering snacks to a client and now trying to sort out the goods she intended to sell in the store her brother-in-law (the landlord) had graciously built for her in front of the house. Her relationship with him was one of a kind, he had taken to her from the very first day they met. He thought she was the perfect woman for his hot-tempered younger brother and he always did his best to make sure  she was comfortable. She was to him the kid sister he had lost several years ago.
“My dear” Dapo said walking into the store where she was seated on a low stool marking a log of her expenditure.
“Oh you’re back, welcome”
“Thank you. You haven’t finished sorting them out?”
“No… I’ve been very busy all day” she said tiredly
“You need to get a maid” Dapo said, concern etched on his face.
“A maid? With all the things I hear about them?”
“Yes, you’re under too much pressure and I don’t think you can handle it. Besides with this store you want to start, I’m sure you’ll just break down. You always look so tired, see you’ve even lost some weight” he said observing her closely.
Ronke sighed, her husband was right. She was under too much pressure but she also didn’t want any of the trouble that maids brought. Where would she find a good maid? “I’ll think about what you have said. Let’s go to the dining so you can eat.” She said  rising awkwardly from the stool and almost losing her balance before Dapo caught her.
“This is what I’m talking about. If you kill yourself I will marry another woman so you better be guided!”
This last piece of information made Ronke come to a quick decision, she would call Iya Ibeji, her housekeeper tomorrow about a maid.
Obiora was watching the news, the reporter was anchoring the entertainment news and he was as always amused by the activities of celebrities. It seemed they were always trying to outdo each other, in spite of how wealthy they were they ran their own rat race.
“Oh just look at that purse!” Helen gushed, her eyes twinkling with desire. Obiora looked at his wife and shook his head smiling, he could never understand women and their fascination with purses and shoes.
“Oh that reminds me, i have something to show you!” She said excitedly and leaped off the couch. Obiora shook his head and smiled again. Helen returned a few minutes later with a nylon bag and flopped back on the couch.
“So, I got a few things today…” She said happily, unpacking the nylon bag. “Olayinka’s friend came from Dubai with so many nice things, but I could only pick a few items for us all.”
Obiora inspected the clothes, nodding his approval. “Not bad at all”
“In fact, I was so impressed by the quality of the things she had, I wished I could take more.”
“How much are they all?”  Obiora asked yawning
“Forty eight thousand”
Obiora stilled. “Do you intend to resell them?”
Helen was surprised. “Resell?… Why would I want to do that? I bought them for all of us!”
Obiora couldn’t believe his ears, they had changed their wardrobes just a few months back and here she was with a bill of forty eight thousand naira for a few clothes that weren’t even necessary.
“H…how many clothes are these?” He did a quick count. “Helen you bought five clothes for almost fifty thousand when we only just changed our wardrobes?!”
“Have you paid for them?”
“No… I was…”
“Return them” he said firmly
“What? No, no… That would be embarrassing” she pleaded, she knew he might be uncomfortable with the prices but she didn’t think he’d react this way. “I”ll pay for them myself”
“With which money? We’re trying to gather all the money we can to pay for that land and then you go and do this?”
“Obi it’s not as expensive as you think… Banke said it was a good bargain.” She said trying to reason with him.
“Of course it would be fair! She doesn’t have your responsibilities and yet you choose to compare yourself with her! Return them before I get back from work tomorrow. Tell them your husband said he can’t afford it!” He said and stormed away.
“He was so angry last night, he insisted that I return them.” Helen said to Banke who was picking beans.
“Wow” Banke replied, she had bought more things yet Kunle had not dared to ask her to return them. She gave thanks inwardly that her husband was more generous. “So what are you going to do?”
“I’ll return them.” Helen said simply
“Return them? Sis Olayinka would be offended. Besides, can’t you just pay for them yourself?”
“Obi more or less forbade me to”
“So you’re just going to return them?”
Helen sighed. It would be embarrassing to return them but she couldn’t think of disobeying her husband.
“Why don’t you just pay for them and then keep them as Christmas presents?”
Helen laughed “Obi would know, I just have to return them” she said solemnly.
“Wow, I had no idea your husband was that tight fisted! Kunle would not dare to tell me to return the things I got. Men!” Banke said, laughing.
Helen smiled but she wasn’t amused.
Ronke grated the okra slowly in a bowl, Iya Ibeji had said she would speak to her cousin about a maid but she wasn’t relieved. She had an uncomfortable feeling about the whole plan. Couldn’t she manage her time better or just get a sales girl for the shop? She sighed and then remembered what Dapo had said about getting another wife if she died.
“Everything will be alright” she said to herself.

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  • Hi dear, it s Funmi k. Haven't been here in days n as a matter of fact I'm just starting d Blue House series and loving it. Hope I find sth to critic, otherwise ur writing rocks. Be good girl. Welldone

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