Love this intro… …

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Love this intro…

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Abowu District Episode 48
Wow. I’m in between. On one hand, I don’t mind if Toye dies and on the other hand, I’d like him to have an opportunity to change. Everyone should get an opportunity to change.

Abowu District Episode 42
I’m so happy for Becky meeting Yomi again. I hope he helps her escape from this terrible Abowu. Toye is such a man. Now, he wants what he discarded. Doyin has no shame at all. Smh @ Annabelle. Shebi she want husband. She don see, abi?

Abowu District Episode 33
Hmm. Just when I thought Becky is in good hands, the devil’s boy Doyin shows up. Good thing she rejected his money. Philomena will soon reap the fruits of evil money, I hope.

Abowu District Episode 31
Loving the new look too. Nice work ma’am!

Abowu District Episode 31
Toye is in hot soup.
I feel sorry for Becky. She didn’t bargain for all this. Truly, the grass is only greener where it’s watered.