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The Blue House S01 E01

Series, The Blue House

Dear reader a new series begins today after my long absence!  It’s called The Blue House and it chronicles the lives of the residents of a compound. I assure you it will be full of suspense, unexpected twists, comedy, and maybe some action. I’m going to do this one in seasons and I promise it’s going to be worth your while. As always I appreciate all your comments, constructive criticisms and shares, so please share this one too!
Enough talk; enjoy the first episode of the first season!

The New Neighbours

The Agunbiades
The truck drove off as Kunle closed the gate. With a huge smile on his face he walked back towards his new home, his wife Banke was in the sitting room looking around the place impressed. She was glad that they had hired The Movers, not only had they transported their new things, they had also put everything in its place.
“So what do you think?” Kunle asked excitedly pulling her to himself and setting her on his laps.
“I love it, I’m really glad we hired Lydia to do the interior décor, she did a very good job.”
“Yeah, even though it cost me a fortune” he said rolling his eyes.
“Don’t be a scrooge jo!” She hit him playfully on the chest.
“You know I love you and I would do anything for you?” He said, lovingly stroking her face. “And you too.” He added, his palm on her bulging stomach.
The Browns
“Kids! Bedtime!”
“Nooo…” the twins chorused still playing ‘horse’ with their father.
“Get up and go to bed now!”
“But we still want to play with Daddy!” Max cried.
“You’ve played enough, go to bed!” She ordered.
“Mummy please!” Sharon begged. “Daddy?…” She said, hoping he would appeal to their mother.
“Go to bed guys, we’ll play tomorrow okay?” Efiong said. Max and Sharon obeyed reluctantly, sulking all the way to their room.
“You should have let them stay up longer, it’s the weekend after all and you know they barely see us during the week.”
“We have to be in church early tomorrow” Olayinka said with finality, cleaning up the sitting room as Effiong sighed watching his disciplinarian wife. “I think the new neighbours have moved in.” She said suddenly.
“Yeah… I met them downstairs when I got back from the barber’s, they seem nice” He said with a shrug.
“The wife is pregnant.” Olayinka said mischieviously.
“I thought you told me they got married three weeks ago?” She said curiously, putting the children’s toys in a carton.
“Yeah?…” Effiong said disinterestedly, already seeing her point.
“So that means she got pregnant before they got married!” She said triumphantly.
“Having a baby is not a sin you know. Maybe if you were pregnant you won’t be gossiping about them” Effiong said indifferently.
Olayinka didn’t respond, she wasn’t going to get into a fight, tomorrow was Sunday.
The Afebioyes
“My dear!”
“Yes, I’m coming please.”
Ronke hurried into the sitting room with a dish in her hands, Joke her daughter followed her with a bowl of water, holding it out for her father to wash his hands and then placing it on the floor when he was done.
“The eba is cold already! I’ve told you not to bring the okele if the soup is not ready. I have just been staring at the eba for ten good minutes!” He said irritably.
“I’m sorry dear.” Ronke replied, serving the vegetable soup into his soup bowl. “I wanted the soup to be warm enough.”
“You’re not organized. You’ve been at home since and I called you when I was at Shopwell, I don’t know why you did not get up at that instant.” He railed on.
“My dear, I’m sorry ehn. If I explain now…” She was saying.
“Don’t bother, you’re always explaining!” He said angrily, grabbing at the mountain of eba and dipping the morsel into his bowl.
Twenty minutes later he belched loudly, washing his hands and wiping his runny nose on the kitchen napkin. He pulled out a toothpick and began picking his teeth, he was happy again.
“My dear!” he called out rising heavily from the dining table.
“Yes?” Ronke replied distractedly, she was enjoying the movie she was watching.
“The new neighbours have moved in, I saw them sitting outside on my way up.”
“Yes, the children said they moved in this afternoon”
“The girl is pregnant”
Ehn ehn! These young people! I thought they just got married, there is no self-control in this world anymore.” She said disdainfully, clapping her hands together.
“I agree with you.” Her husband, Dapo said solemnly.
The Nwachukwus
Obiora stretched out on the bed watching with relish his wife undress and change into her night wear. Even after two children, she was still perfect to him. She was very fair and her skin had become supple with childbirth. He watched her cleanse her face meticulously and thought that she had always been like this, paying attention to detail.
“I saw the new neighbours today”
“Really?” he replied disinterestedly.
“The wife is pregnant.” She said, her eyes twinkling with excitement.
“Helen, she is not your patient!” Obiora said emphatically.
“Oh, but I’m still excited. There’s going to be a baby and she seems so nice. I like her.” She concluded smiling widely.
“Helen, why don’t you concentrate on your patients? For example, me.”
“You? There’s nothing wrong with you.” She said applying her moisturizer.
“Oh there is, my heart is beating faster than usual and I feel warm all over! Nurse Helen, save me!” He cried in mock anguish.
Helen giggled, joining her husband on the bed. “Maybe you need some paracetamol.” She teased.
“No, I’m sure a massage would do.”
“Really? Okay give me your hand, let’s start from there. We’ll deal with all those tensed up muscles.” She declared.
“No I have a better idea.” He said taking her hand. “Start here.”
“Really, are you sure?” She asked with mock seriousness.
“Helen, I’m absolutely sure.” He said as she laughed.
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