Niiiice. I like d way the story subtly brought up …

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Niiiice. I like d way the story subtly brought up d issue of child molestation without making it seem like a mere subject. Good job Omolola.

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Tender Love
So sorry I haven't replied, just seeing this now. I'm sending info right away. *smiling as I receive my online invite from the esteemed honourable Omolola*

Tender Love
I have come to respect your work…. you are gooood!

Tender Love
Ella Emma my greatest fan, thanks! We should meet online o. Can you please send your contact information to my email account? You'll find it in my profile.

Tender Love
Oh lo lo loh! Intense! You got me there, I didnt even see the child Mol angle coming at all! Ha! You are very very good! I doff my gele 🙂

Tender Love
What a shame. Lola well done.

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You are very correct . The muse isn’t always present. But there are places, events, people….that trigger it. Every writer must know what sets his juices rolling. For me I get the best inspiration when in having a hot shower or taking a walk under the hot sun. Sounds crazy…. but it does for me.

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