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Wow! this ego sef! …


Comment on Tales of a year: Elizabeth Part 2 by Omobolanle Adeosun.

wow! this ego sef!

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Tales of a year: Elizabeth Part 2
This is what happens when boys get married… It explains why number of years lived does not necessarily translate to maturity.

Tales of a year: Elizabeth Part 2
Anger & Alcohol should never be buddies! Recipe for katakata! Well done Lola!

Tales of a year: Elizabeth Part 2
Na wah o. ahhhhhhhh

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Lola, Lola, Lola!!! How many times did I call you? Is one month break not over? Hanan! It’s not fair o

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Wow! This just got better. I just hope Toye doesn’t run mad.
Chewing my nails and waiting for Friday like…….

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You are very correct . The muse isn’t always present. But there are places, events, people….that trigger it. Every writer must know what sets his juices rolling. For me I get the best inspiration when in having a hot shower or taking a walk under the hot sun. Sounds crazy…. but it does for me.

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Am so learning a lot from this series. Please Ma is season 3 out now?

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