Oyinade Episode 4: “The Heat of the Game”

It rained heavily for three consecutive days, the clouds remained dark and heavy. No one could go to their farms, and everyone watched from their doors how the rain was slowly becoming a flood. If it rained for one more day, the rain would seep into their houses. The atmosphere in Iluope was tense, Iya Ajike had been a powerful woman but no one expected that her death would bring about such an occurrence. Was there more to her death, were the gods revealing their anger against the people of the land, had something terrible been unleashed by her passing because she longer protected the land? Continue reading “Oyinade Episode 4: “The Heat of the Game””

The Family Part 16

Niniola was moping the kitchen floor when Chief Afonja walked in.

“Good morning sir.”

“Make me some tea.”

As she set the kettle on the burner, the chief sat down at the breakfast table and wiped his forehead. He had slipped out of Mama Eli’s bed, about to escape to Mama Ayo’s room when she stopped him with some distressing news. Continue reading “The Family Part 16”

The Family Part 15

Gbenga floated in and out of consciousness before the next person grabbed him. His throat was sore from screaming and his energy was depleted from taking too many punches, kicks and slaps. He had come to the conclusion that the policemen had left the station. He had screamed too loudly for anyone not to have heard him. His body bled from several places and his boxers was torn.

But I’m innocent… Continue reading “The Family Part 15”