We Knew Them Part 29

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I have to say a big thank you to my dear husband for giving me perspective on today’s episode. Thank you for always being there. Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 29”

We Knew Them Part 28

“How did this happen?” Korede said to Jumoke some minutes later when she called him. “How did he find out?”

“I don’t know Korede. It never slipped out of my mouth, I never gave any indication that I gave birth to Hope. Someone must have told him, there’s no other way he could have known.”

“So he wants to see her after all this time? What a jerk!” Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 28”

We Knew Them Part 26

“The Deputy MD sir.” Halima Adebayo, the Head of HR answered fearfully. “He kind of gave us the proposal, he said that the new proposal had been approved by you.”

“How can the Deputy MD tell you your job?” Lanre asked irritably.

“Well he didn’t exactly give us the proposal…”

“He gave you the proposal, he didn’t give you the proposal. Which is it Halima?” Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 26”

We Knew Them Part 12

July 2015
The visit to her parent’s house had been an emotional roller coaster as she had envisaged. She and her mother had dodged each other and tried not to step on each other’s toes throughout the three-day stay, her father had subtly asked her about her non-existent romantic relationship, and Korede had played the umpire, diplomatically making sure that everyone kept smiling. Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 12”