Oyinade Episode 7: “The Washing”

The day before her wedding, Oyinade and her three maids got permission to go out one last time. Iluope was a border town, and so on market days, traders came from the surrounding villages to buy and sell. It was usually a busy day with many strangers in the town, it was easy to get lost in the crowd. Knowing this might be her last chance to see Iya Adigun, Oyinade tricked her maids into looking for a special herb that she knew they might not find. The heavily pregnant woman who sold them had told her the previous market day that it was very likely that her baby would have come before the next market day. As her maids went towards the herb sellers, Oyinade went in the opposite direction, out of the market and toward the outskirts of the town. Continue reading “Oyinade Episode 7: “The Washing””

I See You Through The Peephole Part 4

“We don’t have that book anymore. Somebody took it and didn’t return it.” Mrs Adams, the company librarian tells me.

“Are you sure?”

She looks a little irritated. “Yes I’m sure. I’ve been looking for it for the past ten minutes.”

I sigh, another dead end on the project I’m working on. “Thank you.”

As I walk out of the library, wondering what I’m going to do about my work, Oyinkan, my colleague comes out of a nearby office.


“Hi Oyinkan.”

“Remi,” she says again. “When am I getting my money?” Continue reading “I See You Through The Peephole Part 4”