Showers of Blessing

This story for every woman who is struggling for her children, help is coming.


When Veronica woke up on cold, cloudy, morning, she had no idea how she would feed her children. It had been months since her husband, Ben, had left her and their three children without warning. She sat up on the soft mattress where her children also lay and stared at the empty pots that she’d piled up in a corner of the room where they all lived. She hadn’t cooked throughout the weekend. All they’d had to eat was garri. It was all that she had left, and as she felt her first child stir beside her, she wondered how she would explain to her children that she couldn’t afford to give them any food to eat at school. Continue reading “Showers of Blessing”

I See You Through The Peephole Part 4

“We don’t have that book anymore. Somebody took it and didn’t return it.” Mrs Adams, the company librarian tells me.

“Are you sure?”

She looks a little irritated. “Yes I’m sure. I’ve been looking for it for the past ten minutes.”

I sigh, another dead end on the project I’m working on. “Thank you.”

As I walk out of the library, wondering what I’m going to do about my work, Oyinkan, my colleague comes out of a nearby office.


“Hi Oyinkan.”

“Remi,” she says again. “When am I getting my money?” Continue reading “I See You Through The Peephole Part 4”

We Knew Them Part 33

“We have to celebrate this!” Derick said, pumping his fist in the air.

Jumoke laughed. “Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. Considering all I went through to achieve this.”

“I’m really proud of you!”

“Thank you! You know when Bode told me about being a partner, I didn’t think I could do it…”

“But you did!”

She laughed again. “I did!” Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 33”

We Knew Them Part 18

November 2006

“Don’t worry miss, I’ll take care of her.” Mrs Cartwright said to Jumoke reassuringly.

She took one last look at her daughter and forced herself not to cry. She would be fine, Mrs Cartwright would take care of her. Things had been more difficult than she had envisaged that they would be having her daughter with her, and she soon realized that she had to work to augment the allowance that her parents sent monthly. Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 18”

We Knew Them Part 2

Lanre couldn’t get Jumoke out of his head and it didn’t help that the girl avoided him like a plague. All attempts to talk to her failed and he was beginning to feel frustrated. The previous day, he had seen her walking towards Mama Yellow’s store and noted how she took a detour to avoid meeting him. Yawning, he waked into the kitchen to get something to nibble on and found Remi putting a baking pan into the oven. Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 2”

The Family Part 3

Bebeto was eating a very ripe mango. The juice ran down the length of her arms and she licked them all the way to her elbows. Niniola was disgusted. She looked at the girl’s juice stained mouth and wondered how it was that she who had come from a small town was more civilized than someone who had been living in a city for almost two years.

Continue reading “The Family Part 3”