Abowu District Episode 19

Toye stared at Afonja with suspicion, wondering why the man suddenly wanted to be cooperative. He didn’t see any weapon in his hands or detect a menacing aura about him, still he had to be certain that this wasn’t a trap.
“If you have anything to say, why didn’t you just come to the station? Why did you have to stalk me in the dark?”
“I can’t walk into your office and tell you anything, if I do, I will be dead by the next day.” Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 19”

Abowu District Episode 17

Mama and Baba Abegunde sat outside their mud house, enjoying the cool breeze, their stomachs full from stretchy pounded yam and flavourful egusi soup. It really should have been a pleasant morning, but they were both worried about their son, Toye. The matriarch had given an unexaggerated account of all that had happened in Abowu and caused the old man to worry. Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 17”

Abowu District Episode 15

Babatunde waited for Sewa to return from the children’s room after she had put them to bed, before he began to tell her what was on his mind.

“There’s another opportunity to cater for the Ministry of Agriculture. I overheard someone talking about it at the local government and went to ask her what it was about. They are planning a get-together for about fifty people and they want jollof rice and pounded yam with vegetable soup and a lot of meat. I told the woman that you can do it.” Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 15”

Abowu District Episode 12

Sewa and her neighbour, Simbi sat side by side in the small overcrowded hall. There were about a hundred women listening to the matronly woman who was holding a small pamphlet. Behind her, three other women and a man sat fanning themselves with hand fans made out of raffia. They looked disinterested and irritable, the heat in the room was overwhelming.

“So, we must clean our environment, no stagnant water or dirty gutters, because mosquitoes live in them. And when mosquitoes bite your young children what happens?”

“Malaria!!!” the women chorused. Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 12”

Abowu District Episode 3

Florence and Philomena were walking down Olusi Street, each carrying a sack. It was early in the morning, and they had just returned from the market where they had gone to purchase cheaper foodstuff directly from the farmers, who had come to the market as early as five-thirty from the villages. The women grunted from the weight of the load as large drops of sweat slid down their faces to their necks and backs. Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 3”