I See You Through the Peephole Part 10

Three weeks later, we’re in Akure to see my in-laws. My mother-in-law wants to see her grandchildren. The boys dash into the house and immediately begin exploring it as Dayo and I unload the car.

“Mummy would love these clothes right?” I ask him about the clothes I bought for her and my mother in Kenya.

“Yeah,” he replies half-heartedly.

“Are you okay?”


I sense a hesitation in his response, is he hiding something from me? Continue reading “I See You Through the Peephole Part 10”

Room 003- Part 2

“Doctor, you need to help me.”

Wale knew that his mother had to go. Labisi was clearly uncomfortable with his mother’s presence in the hospital and heaven only knew what had already transpired between them. Reasoning with his mother was out of the question, because as far as she was concerned, her place was at Labisi’s side. It would be her first grandchild and she intended to see the whole process through. Continue reading “Room 003- Part 2”

Behind Mud Walls S02 E08: “The Warning.”

Folasade’s father Durotolu was dipping a piece of roasted yam into a calabash of palm oil when he saw his wife and daughter coming from afar with somber looks. Wondering what it was that could have caused them to come all the way from the village to see him in the middle of the day, he finished up his food and wiped his hands as they got to his farm hut. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E08: “The Warning.””

Behind Mud Walls S02 E05: “Hot and Cold.”

When Ireti heard that her friend’s father had been imprisoned she broke tradition and left her five week old daughter with her mother-in-law who was secretly happy about having her grandchild all to herself. At Mowunmi’s house she met Agbeniyi’s brothers walking out with Ibironke.

“Good day.”

“Ah ah Ireti, is your baby six weeks old yet?” the oldest of them asked in surprise. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E05: “Hot and Cold.””

Behind Mud Walls S02 E04: “Second Love.”

Mowunmi poured the pepper she had just ground into the hot oil and stirred it. Then she turned to the pile of leaves she had picked from the garden beside the house and started to cut them up. Adunni and her family always enjoyed her efo riro, so they left the cooking of it to her. Mowunmi loved to cook, it reminded her of precious moments and conversations with her mother. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E04: “Second Love.””