Behind Mud Walls S02 E03: “The Meeting.”

Mowunmi was overwhelmed by the requests for her beads. Adunni had been right about the womenfolk loving adornments, it had taken just one outing for her to have a steady stream of customers who wanted the most exquisite pieces to adorn their necks, hands and waist. Mowunmi was happy, she had a source of livelihood and could begin to repay her hosts for their kindness. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E03: “The Meeting.””

The Blue House S01 E01

Dear reader a new series begins today after my long absence!  It’s called The Blue House and it chronicles the lives of the residents of a compound. I assure you it will be full of suspense, unexpected twists, comedy, and maybe some action. I’m going to do this one in seasons and I promise it’s going to be worth your while. As always I appreciate all your comments, constructive criticisms and shares, so please share this one too!
Enough talk; enjoy the first episode of the first season!

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