I See You Through the Peephole Part 10

Three weeks later, we’re in Akure to see my in-laws. My mother-in-law wants to see her grandchildren. The boys dash into the house and immediately begin exploring it as Dayo and I unload the car.

“Mummy would love these clothes right?” I ask him about the clothes I bought for her and my mother in Kenya.

“Yeah,” he replies half-heartedly.

“Are you okay?”


I sense a hesitation in his response, is he hiding something from me? Continue reading “I See You Through the Peephole Part 10”

I See You Through the Peephole Part 9

The events of the past weeks fade from my mind when I see my boys. I can’t believe how much I’ve missed them, they don’t look like they’ve lost any weight. They cling to me, trying to tell me all that has happened while I was gone. I gather that they’ve been walking on eggshells around their father. He’s been carrying out his anger towards me on them.

“So Daddy cooks for you?” I ask.

“No, Aunty Tayo comes to cook for us.” Continue reading “I See You Through the Peephole Part 9”

I See You Through the Peephole Part 7

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I See You Through The Peephole Part 4

“We don’t have that book anymore. Somebody took it and didn’t return it.” Mrs Adams, the company librarian tells me.

“Are you sure?”

She looks a little irritated. “Yes I’m sure. I’ve been looking for it for the past ten minutes.”

I sigh, another dead end on the project I’m working on. “Thank you.”

As I walk out of the library, wondering what I’m going to do about my work, Oyinkan, my colleague comes out of a nearby office.


“Hi Oyinkan.”

“Remi,” she says again. “When am I getting my money?” Continue reading “I See You Through The Peephole Part 4”

We Knew Them Part 18

November 2006

“Don’t worry miss, I’ll take care of her.” Mrs Cartwright said to Jumoke reassuringly.

She took one last look at her daughter and forced herself not to cry. She would be fine, Mrs Cartwright would take care of her. Things had been more difficult than she had envisaged that they would be having her daughter with her, and she soon realized that she had to work to augment the allowance that her parents sent monthly. Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 18”