We Knew Them Part 12

July 2015
The visit to her parent’s house had been an emotional roller coaster as she had envisaged. She and her mother had dodged each other and tried not to step on each other’s toes throughout the three-day stay, her father had subtly asked her about her non-existent romantic relationship, and Korede had played the umpire, diplomatically making sure that everyone kept smiling. Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 12”

We Knew Them Part 6

“She’s doing much better, thank you. In fact, even I can feel her confidence in the subject.” Tayo Oludare, Jumoke’s mother said to Mrs Williams as they talked in the former’s sitting room.

“I knew it would work! In fact, I wish they had met each other earlier.”

Tayo laughed in response.

“So what school is she going to?”

“Well, UI is her first choice…”

“Nigerian universities! I can never send my children to one!” Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 6”

We Knew Them Part 2

Lanre couldn’t get Jumoke out of his head and it didn’t help that the girl avoided him like a plague. All attempts to talk to her failed and he was beginning to feel frustrated. The previous day, he had seen her walking towards Mama Yellow’s store and noted how she took a detour to avoid meeting him. Yawning, he waked into the kitchen to get something to nibble on and found Remi putting a baking pan into the oven. Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 2”

The Family Part 15

Gbenga floated in and out of consciousness before the next person grabbed him. His throat was sore from screaming and his energy was depleted from taking too many punches, kicks and slaps. He had come to the conclusion that the policemen had left the station. He had screamed too loudly for anyone not to have heard him. His body bled from several places and his boxers was torn.

But I’m innocent… Continue reading “The Family Part 15”