Behind Mud Walls S02 E08: “The Warning.”

Folasade’s father Durotolu was dipping a piece of roasted yam into a calabash of palm oil when he saw his wife and daughter coming from afar with somber looks. Wondering what it was that could have caused them to come all the way from the village to see him in the middle of the day, he finished up his food and wiped his hands as they got to his farm hut. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E08: “The Warning.””

Behind Mud Walls S02 E07: “Anger!”

“I can’t tell you the details of what is going on but I’m sure that you can tell that something is wrong with your husband…”

“You said you would tell me everything!”

“I am under an oath! I can’t tell you everything.”

“So, Adegbola is impotent.”

Adeyimika didn’t say anything but she could tell from the look on his face that she was right. She started to cry again. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E07: “Anger!””

Behind Mud Walls S02 E05: “Hot and Cold.”

When Ireti heard that her friend’s father had been imprisoned she broke tradition and left her five week old daughter with her mother-in-law who was secretly happy about having her grandchild all to herself. At Mowunmi’s house she met Agbeniyi’s brothers walking out with Ibironke.

“Good day.”

“Ah ah Ireti, is your baby six weeks old yet?” the oldest of them asked in surprise. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E05: “Hot and Cold.””

Behind Mud Walls S02 E04: “Second Love.”

Mowunmi poured the pepper she had just ground into the hot oil and stirred it. Then she turned to the pile of leaves she had picked from the garden beside the house and started to cut them up. Adunni and her family always enjoyed her efo riro, so they left the cooking of it to her. Mowunmi loved to cook, it reminded her of precious moments and conversations with her mother. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E04: “Second Love.””

Behind Mud Walls S02 E03: “The Meeting.”

Mowunmi was overwhelmed by the requests for her beads. Adunni had been right about the womenfolk loving adornments, it had taken just one outing for her to have a steady stream of customers who wanted the most exquisite pieces to adorn their necks, hands and waist. Mowunmi was happy, she had a source of livelihood and could begin to repay her hosts for their kindness. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E03: “The Meeting.””

Behind Mud Walls S02 E02: “Broken Bridges and Moldy Stock Fish.”

Adunni watched Mowunmi sleeping on the mat, she looked exhausted. So although she was curious about her sojourn and the reason for it, she found a thick wrapper, covered her with it and let her rest. Her husband would just have to trust her judgment in accommodating a stranger.

“Do you think she could be pregnant?” her daughter Mopelola asked conspiratorially when she sat beside her outside the house.

“No, she’s not pregnant. She looks afraid, I think she is running away from someone.” Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E02: “Broken Bridges and Moldy Stock Fish.””

The Family Part 5

Dear reader,

Thank you for going with me on this journey, I appreciate all your feedback. I have a couple of announcements:

1.  The series will continue on Tuesday, May 3rd. I do not post on weekends and public holidays.

2. A winner has emerged from the draw that was conducted during the last online book tour! Congratulations to Teekay, an active participant on the website! See the announcement by the Tour Coordinator here

 Now you may enjoy today’s post! 😀 Continue reading “The Family Part 5”