Abowu District Episode 25

Hi there, thanks for being here today. The series continues today, however the next episode will be on Friday (you will remember that this series is published on Mondays and Fridays- two posts per week). I hope you’ll be here on Friday. 😀 Please leave a comment and share this link. Thanks for being here! Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 25”

Abowu District Episode 20

When Babatunde returned from the sawmill and saw the queue waiting outside their door to buy his wife’s food, he smiled. He greeted the people warmly, and went inside the house to find Sewa sweating profusely in the kitchen.
“My wife the caterer!”
“My husband the carpenter!”
They laughed and embraced each other the way that soul mates would. Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 20”

Abowu District Episode 19

Toye stared at Afonja with suspicion, wondering why the man suddenly wanted to be cooperative. He didn’t see any weapon in his hands or detect a menacing aura about him, still he had to be certain that this wasn’t a trap.
“If you have anything to say, why didn’t you just come to the station? Why did you have to stalk me in the dark?”
“I can’t walk into your office and tell you anything, if I do, I will be dead by the next day.” Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 19”

Abowu District Episode 17

Mama and Baba Abegunde sat outside their mud house, enjoying the cool breeze, their stomachs full from stretchy pounded yam and flavourful egusi soup. It really should have been a pleasant morning, but they were both worried about their son, Toye. The matriarch had given an unexaggerated account of all that had happened in Abowu and caused the old man to worry. Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 17”