Abowu District Episode 20

When Babatunde returned from the sawmill and saw the queue waiting outside their door to buy his wife’s food, he smiled. He greeted the people warmly, and went inside the house to find Sewa sweating profusely in the kitchen.
“My wife the caterer!”
“My husband the carpenter!”
They laughed and embraced each other the way that soul mates would. Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 20”

Room 003- Part 2

“Doctor, you need to help me.”

Wale knew that his mother had to go. Labisi was clearly uncomfortable with his mother’s presence in the hospital and heaven only knew what had already transpired between them. Reasoning with his mother was out of the question, because as far as she was concerned, her place was at Labisi’s side. It would be her first grandchild and she intended to see the whole process through. Continue reading “Room 003- Part 2”