We Knew Them Part 6

“She’s doing much better, thank you. In fact, even I can feel her confidence in the subject.” Tayo Oludare, Jumoke’s mother said to Mrs Williams as they talked in the former’s sitting room.

“I knew it would work! In fact, I wish they had met each other earlier.”

Tayo laughed in response.

“So what school is she going to?”

“Well, UI is her first choice…”

“Nigerian universities! I can never send my children to one!” Continue reading “We Knew Them Part 6”

The Family Part 27

Niniola was banned from going anywhere beyond the store where they bought provisions and foodstuffs and Olayemi was entrusted with the duty of telling his mother if his sister flouted the rules. The relationship between mother and daughter was strained in a way that could not be easily repaired and Comfort blamed herself entirely for this. Something about her life or lifestyle had pushed her daughter to be a club dancer, it had made her disregard her mother’s warnings and experiences. Continue reading “The Family Part 27”