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Online Book Tour: Beyond the Trial by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha


Hello everyone! Welcome to the online book tour of Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha’s collection of short stories- Beyond the Trial. The book tells the stories of three women who choose to see life beyond their trials and dare to reach for it. And I must say that I enjoyed reading this inspirational fiction that reminds us that the …

Welcome to the Online Book Tour: Nike Campbell-Fatoki’s “Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon.”


Hello everyone, The online book tour of Nike Campbell-Fatoki’s Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon has come here! I’m glad you are here. Now the book is a collection of short stories which filters the lives of contemporary Nigerians through a colorful and vivid prism, where past sins come to upset settled lives, where lost lives fuel …

Online Book Tour: Ifesinachi Okpagu’s “The Domestication of Munachi.”


Hello everyone and welcome to the online book tour of Ifesinachi Okpagu’s The Domestication of Munachi! The tour begins today and this is one of the two websites which will be hosting today. I’m excited about this book especially because as a woman I can relate to the story. Here’s a brief synopsis of the …

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