Behind Mud Walls S02 E05: “Hot and Cold.”

When Ireti heard that her friend’s father had been imprisoned she broke tradition and left her five week old daughter with her mother-in-law who was secretly happy about having her grandchild all to herself. At Mowunmi’s house she met Agbeniyi’s brothers walking out with Ibironke.

“Good day.”

“Ah ah Ireti, is your baby six weeks old yet?” the oldest of them asked in surprise. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E05: “Hot and Cold.””

The Family Part 29

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“You and your siblings will handle this business for me.”
Comfort had just shared her business plans with Niniola. It was becoming unbearable working with Mrs Gbolahan and she had finally decided that it was time to start to plan her way out. She had managed to save up some thousands and spoken to a carpenter who had agreed to build her a kiosk where she could display her wares. Continue reading “The Family Part 29”

The Family Part 27

Niniola was banned from going anywhere beyond the store where they bought provisions and foodstuffs and Olayemi was entrusted with the duty of telling his mother if his sister flouted the rules. The relationship between mother and daughter was strained in a way that could not be easily repaired and Comfort blamed herself entirely for this. Something about her life or lifestyle had pushed her daughter to be a club dancer, it had made her disregard her mother’s warnings and experiences. Continue reading “The Family Part 27”

The Family Part 16

Niniola was moping the kitchen floor when Chief Afonja walked in.

“Good morning sir.”

“Make me some tea.”

As she set the kettle on the burner, the chief sat down at the breakfast table and wiped his forehead. He had slipped out of Mama Eli’s bed, about to escape to Mama Ayo’s room when she stopped him with some distressing news. Continue reading “The Family Part 16”