Abowu District Episode 8

Becky was on her knees, her hands held together, muttering fervent prayers. The strong odor of burning red candles filled the room. The woman at the Aladura church had been pleased to see her, her wide mouth had curved awkwardly as Becky recounted her ordeal with her husband and her suspicions about his abandonment of her.

“Our mother, I think he’s having an affair. How can he be doing this so soon?  We haven’t even been married for six months.” Continue reading “Abowu District Episode 8”

Oyinade Episode 2.3: “This world is not for women”

Weeks passed and Oyinade continued to live as a slave in Ajao’s house. She learnt quickly how to cook, grind beans and pepper, farm, wash, weave hair and fetch water without slipping into the stream from the muddy banks. But most importantly, she learnt how to keep her head down.

The one thing that she found difficult to adapt to was Ajao’s abuse of her. She wished desperately to be ugly and took extra care to look unattractive. She rolled her hair up into tight knots so as not to show the length off in any way. She wore the oldest clothes she could find and paid little attention to grooming herself. Still, Ajao would call for her often. It became apparent to the other slaves that she was favored by him and soon even his wives noticed it too. Continue reading “Oyinade Episode 2.3: “This world is not for women””

Behind Mud Walls S02 E07: “Anger!”

“I can’t tell you the details of what is going on but I’m sure that you can tell that something is wrong with your husband…”

“You said you would tell me everything!”

“I am under an oath! I can’t tell you everything.”

“So, Adegbola is impotent.”

Adeyimika didn’t say anything but she could tell from the look on his face that she was right. She started to cry again. Continue reading “Behind Mud Walls S02 E07: “Anger!””