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Showers of Blessing

Short Story

This story for every woman who is struggling for her children, help is coming.


When Veronica woke up on cold, cloudy, morning, she had no idea how she would feed her children. It had been months since her husband, Ben, had left her and their three children without warning. She sat up on the soft mattress where her children also lay and stared at the empty pots that she’d piled up in a corner of the room where they all lived. She hadn’t cooked throughout the weekend. All they’d had to eat was garri. It was all that she had left, and as she felt her first child stir beside her, she wondered how she would explain to her children that she couldn’t afford to give them any food to eat at school.

Veronica thought about her life and the things she’d always wanted to do and how her first pregnancy had disrupted everything, shortly after her secondary school education. Her father had married her off immediately and predicted that she would live a hard life because she had brought shame to his name. She had given birth to two more children in quick succession and before she knew it, her life had become hopeless and full of hurt and disappointments. The only thing that made Veronica happy was her children, the two boys and a girl that she had borne with ease.

One hour later, she walked them to school, but at the gate they were turned back.

“Madam you need to pay up your children’s fees. We’ve had enough of your excuses.” The head teacher said sternly.

“Please, just for today.” She begged, while her children stood staring at her, wondering why their mother was almost crying.

“Madam, please respect yourself!” The head teacher yelled, repulsed by her rough appearance and pimple ridden face. She slammed the gate violently and walked away.

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Veronica turned away slowly, guiding her children back home when it started to rain.

“Oh God!” She cried. “Help me!”

She carried her last born in her arms and tried to hurry the first two up when a vehicle ran into a puddle, splashing muddy water all over them. The children were already trembling from the cold. She bit her lip regretfully and led them to a vulcanizer’s shed ahead of the road.

At the shed, the children continued to shake and complain of the cold. Veronica busied herself trying to pacify them and rubbing their chests with her hand.

“Hello madam.” Someone said.

She looked up but couldn’t recognize the man who stood before her.

“Good morning. Can I help you?” She replied distractedly.

The man was taken aback, the woman spoke well.

“I’m sorry, I’m the one who was driving that car.”

He pointed at the car that had run into the puddle and splashed muddy water all over them.

Veronica stared at him for a while, telling herself not to insult him.

“It’s all right,” she said.

The man couldn’t hold back his curiosity.  “I’m sorry to bother you madam, but what are you doing in the rain with these children?”

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Veronica stared at him again, exhausted and frustrated, she couldn’t hold back her tears. She told him about how her husband had deserted them and how hard her life had been.

He listened to her and then asked. “Do you have a job?”

“No, but I can work. I tried to start a small business but it didn’t work out…”

“My wife is looking for a shop attendant, she sells fabrics in the market. Can you do it?”

“Yes!” Veronica cried.

The man nodded and gave her his card and some money.

“Call me later this night so that you can speak to my wife.”

“Yes sir!” She replied joyfully.

As the man walked away, Veronica cried tears of relief, God was indeed a miracle worker.


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