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Shadows Part 3

Series, Shadows

Kayinsola stood on the queue at the ATM lost in thought about her conversation with Rotimi last night.

“I know that whatever is wrong with you has something to do with Leke. Is he trying to blackmail you or something?”

“So you came to this conclusion when you read my text right?”

“Rotimi please answer the question, I’m only worried about you.”

“You shouldn’t have read my text…”

“Since when did that become an issue?”

Rotimi sighed. “Okay Kayin, there’s nothing fishy going on. He confided in me about something he was bothered about and I gave him an advice. Nothing more.”

“But you had the nightmare that night and you’ve been having them since. Something is wrong Rotimi, why do you have nightmares every night?” Rotimi looked surprised. “Yes I know it happens every night. Talk to me please.”

Rotimi sat on the bed and held his hand in his head. I can’t tell her, she’ll never understand. “Look it’s nothing, what he said just reminded me of someone that I don’t want to talk about and that’s the truth. Now can you please stop probing me?”

“I don’t understand why you can’t tell me what it is. What could be so bad that you can’t talk about?”

Rotimi hadn’t answered her and that only made her more worried. What was Rotimi hiding from her?


She turned and opened her moth in disbelief.


“I knew it was you! I can identify you anywhere.”

Kayinsola smiled tightly at him.

“You know what? Let me take you out.”

“No, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“C’mon Kayin, it’s not as if I’m going to kidnap you or something.”

“No thanks, I have to be somewhere else. Excuse me.” she left him and walked up to the machine. When she was done, he was nowhere to be found and she sighed gratefully. Returning to her office and resuming her work, she was unaware of the fact that T.J had followed her to her office and bribed the security officer to give him her number.


“I saw T.J today.” Kayinsola said to Rotimi as they settled in for the night.

Rotimi stilled. “And what did he say?”

“He said he wanted to take me out to lunch but I told him no.”

“Stay away from that guy.”

Kayinsola frowned. “I didn’t go looking for him. I was standing on the queue by the ATM when he called me.”

“Just stay away from him.”

“Didn’t you hear what I just said?”

“I did, but I hope you also heard me?”

Kayinsola was confused. “If I had anything to hide would I be telling you I saw him?”

“I’ve heard you but just remember what that guy has cost us.”

Kayinsola kept quiet, hurt that Rotimi would bring up her past with T.J and how it had affected their marriage.

“That’s not fair Rotimi.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.”

Kayinsola turned away, wishing she had followed her instincts and kept quiet.


“You gave him three million naira.” Rotimi said to Leke two weeks from their first meeting.

“Yes, and believe me sir it was a huge sacrifice.”

“And your conscience is clear?”

“Yes.” Leke said as convincingly as he could. “He was very grateful and I’m sure he will be fine. “

“Okay, if you say so.” Rotimi shrugged totally disappointed in Leke’s decision.

“Thank you sir.”

Rotimi simply nodded and thought of ways to let the pastor know that a member of the financial team was a heartless embezzler.


Jeffrey was on cloud nine. Tomorrow he was going to cash some money from the three million naira that Leke had sent him. He could feel Augusta’s eyes on him but he couldn’t be bothered.

“So you’re going ahead to collect the money from that man.”

“I’ve already collected it. The money is already in my account. Whether you like it or not, I’m a millionaire!” he said laughing.

“Jeff, this is not a laughing matter. Something is not right about that your colleague and his money. Are you sure he didn’t do blood money?”

“Augusta, what exactly is your problem?”

“Jeff my mind tells me that that man is cunning.”

“So because you cannot explain his wealth, he is a ritualist ba? He is not married and I know he is from a rich home. What does he want to use money for? I’m sure he has a lot of it to throw around.”

“And he chose you?”

“What do you mean by that? You think I don’t deserve it ba?”

Augusta didn’t say it but it was what she meant. “I didn’t mean that…”

“So that’s it! You don’t think I’m smart enough.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“I will make sure I disappoint you and succeed. I’m going to Dubai to buy men’s clothes and then I will open a big boutique.”

Augusta stared at him and tried not to laugh. “Jeffrey, you can’t sell anything!”

“Watch me!”

Augusta sighed. This was going to be a disaster.


Kayinsola’s phone beeped as she walked to the bed. Rotimi had been reading something on it.

“I thought I told you to stay away from that guy.”

“I haven’t seen him since then.”

“But you’ve been talking to him.”

“Talking to him? Of course not!”

“Explain this.” He held up her phone.

T.J had sent her a WhatsApp message.


Kayin baby.

It’s T.J

I’m glad I saw you the other day. I want to see you again. 

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