Short and interesting! …

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Short and interesting!

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Abowu District Episode 49
Ohhh… How I hate sad endings!!!
Well done Lola

Behind Mud Walls S03 E01
Hi Lola, i made payment already. Kindly send my passwor.

Online Book Tour: Ifesinachi Okpagu’s “The Domestication of Munachi.”
Hi Ifesinachi, thank you for dropping by. The excerpts seem very interesting, cant wait to read the book. I would definitely love the story.

Book Tour: Obinna Udenwe’s Satans and Shaitans
Welcome Obinna! Why that title? I think i would pass on that book in a bookshop because of that title. It looks scary!! What inspired the title? Why not just choose any other idea explored in the novel as the title?

Shadows Part 1
Oh yes… I missed reading these your stories! Thank God you are back to keep me busy at my leisure. More wisdom I pray for you!