Glimmer Part 7

What an unusual man! When he came to our house and told me he knew of my affair with Daddy Teni I was so afraid. Then I thought I could bribe him into silence; I offered him money and my body. He simply wasn’t interested. All he wanted was for me to listen. Uhn? “Okay sir” I responded. Then he proceeded to tell me what no one had ever told me; that I had an honour to protect. What is this man talking about? I wondered. He told me I was beautiful, special; a radiant flower that is opening up and that I should protect my honour from the men who are hunters. Even though I was genuinely moved that he thought I was all those things I laughed.
“It’s too late Mr Dike, even if I was a radiant flower, now I have been crushed” I told him honestly
“My daughter it is never too late to begin again” he replied
“I have a daughter who like you decided to listen to the sweet words of foolish men. She got pregnant and thought that was the end of the world. Even her mother, my wife almost disowned her because she was the secretary of the women’s union in church. But I encouraged her like I am doing to you now; last year she became a nurse and she is doing very well today. Her boy, my grandson lives with us. You can start afresh, I will not tell anyone but I just want you to know that you don’t have to live like this” he said and walked away.
I am touched by all he has said but I cannot imagine a life other than this one which does not involve taking advantage of men’s weaknesses. There is still that eighty thousand my mother needs, how do I get that? Even if I were to “start again” how do I fend for my younger ones? Fifteen thousand naira a month is not enough. In spite of the fact that I have been sending half of my salary home my mother doesn’t even regard it, her friend’s children are doing better. I am so tired of being the breadwinner. I really hate this life. My phone is ringing, it’s Aunty.
“Hello ma… yes ma… okay ma… okay ma… yes ma…”
Uncle’s brother is coming and I have to get things ready for his arrival. I notice that I have an unread text message. It’s Daddy Teni, he wants me to come over, and he says he has fifty thousand to give me. Useless man! I delete the message.
Daddy Teni
This girl hasn’t replied me. So she’s angry about last week, girls and their emotions! Who does she think she is? I don’t even give the other girls eighty thousand naira for one meeting. But she is something! She left me feeling happy and I haven’t been happy since my sister-in-law died. My wife doesn’t care if I exist, must the whole world come to an end just because somebody died? I think I’ll give her twenty thousand after all, she DID make me happy.
My friend Kemi and I are coming back from the market. She works with the Adekoyas who live down the street and she has her own troubles. Her madam is as mean as a witch.
“My ear is still hurting me. I swear I didn’t hear her tell me to bring the clothes from her car” she says
“So what do you want to do now?” I ask her
“What can I do? I have told you I can’t leave. Where will I go? Who do I know in Lagos? I will endure till I gather enough money, then I will leave”
“Look Kemi I have told you…”
“Blessing!” I look up and it is Daddy Teni getting out of his car. “Come here” he says
“Wait for me” I tell Kemi
What does this ape of a man want? Isn’t it clear enough that I don’t want to have anything to do with him again?
“Good afternoon sir” I mumble
“My dear just call me Uncle Tobi”
”Yes sir” I reply. He’s staring at me and I know Kemi is watching. What does he want?
“My friend is waiting sir” I yell him, jerking my thumb backwards
“You haven’t replied me. Are you angry?” he asks, his eyes ogling and his lips widening in a lustful smile.
“I’m not coming” I reply disoriented. The way he’s looking at me!
“I will give you fifty thousand. Didn’t you read my text?”
“I’m not coming” I reply. I don’t trust him and besides that I’m still affected y what Mr Dike said.
“Why?” he asks unbelieving “I said I will give you fifty thousand naira” he says, stressing fifty thousand naira.
He seems serious but I can’t trust him, he’s fooled me once. Besides I am a radiant rose, flower, whatever Mr Dike said. I know that he won’t let me go if I tell him the real reasons why I want nothing more to do with him so I tell him:
“Mr Dike caught us. Goodbye sir”
I can’t see his face but I know he’s stunned. I can see Kemi’s however and I know I have a lot of explaining to do. Her face is full of suspicion.

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Glimmer Part 6

Bode was really weird last night. First he was so insensitive about Mummy Teni’s sister’s passing, and then he stormed off just because I said I was on my period. What sort of childish behavior was that?  Men! They just expect you to give in to them all the time. I mean, can’t a woman say no? But then, Bode has never acted like that. Whatever, I don’t have time for this; I have a business to run.

Blessing was washing the dishes and thinking about last night. It was brief but she certainly got his attention. She saw that he was temporarily at a loss of words, staring at her breasts. She had quickly undone the first three buttons of her blouse when she heard his car come in to the compound and put on the shorts after Titi left the house. Of course she had become modestly dressed by the time Titi returned, suspecting nothing. She had decided that this slow teasing will work more swiftly than an outright seduction. Her phone rang, it was her mother.
“Hello, Mummy”
“Hello, Misturat”
“How are you ma?”
“Misturat, if you decide not to help me I know help will come from elsewhere”
“Don’t interrupt me! I know my help will come from elsewhere. You just want to disgrace me! How long does it take you to get me eighty thousand? Now that you’re enjoying your life you have forgotten me and your younger ones abi? Afeez is sick and Mariam has been at home now for the past two weeks because I can’t pay her fees. Mama Deola’s daughter came home last week and gave her fifty thousand naira! She is just a shop attendant! My own daughter that is earning fifteen thousand naira and living among rich people has not sent me one kobo. God will judge between me and you.”
Her mother hung up.
She sighed. Her mother was just impatient. She already had thirty thousand which she had saved from her salary and she intended to get some from Dr Famakinwa but the man had been stalling. Her mother had drawn the battle line with that call. She now had to consider her last resort. Mummy Teni’s husband, their next door neighbour had been making passes at her and had outrightly asked her for an affair but she had refused. She thought he would complicate her plans and she didn’t find him remotely attractive. Now she thought if she played her cards well, she would be able to manage him well. Her mother didn’t even wish her a happy birthday, she turned eighteen yesterday.
She finished her chores and called Daddy Teni. He had written his number on a two hundred naira recharge card he gave her when she had gone to his house to give him the monthly estate association due from her boss. He was on leave and home alone. She walked to his house with her speech rehearsed; she had to convince him that her mother was in the hospital and in dire need of financial help.
Thirty minutes later she walked into the Coker’s trying to contain her tears. The man had used her and laughed in her face when she asked him for the money he had promised her. She couldn’t even compare to the prostitutes he had encountered; she was a mere village girl he declared. She felt so foolish and hurt. She had offered herself to him for nothing! She hated her life. She could do nothing now but cry.

Mr Dike the gardener was still in shock. All the while he had thought Blessing was a responsible girl. But the girl she had seen with Daddy Teni in his bedroom was no responsible girl. Maybe he should talk to her; perhaps she was just being childish. Daddy Teni must have deceived her.

Glimmer Part 5

Bode’s job was on the line. First of all, the workers had gone on a strike, demanding a raise which his budget had no provision for. Then, the machines which they required for the job had been denied them again. COMI was the only company that had the kind of machines they needed, and for months they had been on the waiting list. They should have commenced work today, but after he had managed to appeal to the men he got a call from the company saying they had to wait again. It had taken a lot for him to control his temper. The deadline was just a month away and this job determined his rise or downfall in the company. Would he really have to consider bribery now? They would have the machines tomorrow if only the right hands were greased.
He pulled up to the gate of his residence and smiled. His home was always a haven for him. As if on cue, his frayed nerves relaxed. The kids had heard his car come in and rushed to him.
“Daddy, Daddy!” they screamed in excitement. Seeing them so joyful warmed his heart, they had both been ill in the past week. Malaria. He still didn’t understand how that happened. They always ensured that the windows and doors were closed. They were fine now and that was all that really mattered.
“Hey guys, I brought you some ice cream”
Their excitement rose to a fever pitch. They grabbed the ice cream and ran inside, chatting about what flavour their father bought. So much for the love, Bode thought.
“Welcome sir” Blessing greeted
For the next three seconds Bode was lost in the cluster of Blessing’s revealed breasts. Her top three buttons were undone. Tight shorts clung to her curvaceous body complimenting the view Bode was getting at the top. Where did she get those clothes from?
“Where is my wife?” he asked trying to regain control of his senses
“She has gone to Mummy Teni’s house” she responded
He checked his watch, it was past nine. Why  would Titi leave the kids, the house and the maid dressed so scantily alone at this hour? “Okay” he said.
‘Should I serve your food sir?”
“And risk staring at your breasts?” he thought inwardly “No, thank you” he said and turned towards the stairs.
“Err… Uncle?”
“Yes?” he asked wearily
“Is everything alright? You look tired. I hope there’s no problem?” she asked, concern written all over her face
“I’m fine, thank you” he said and walked up the stairs.
He didn’t see the wide smile on Blessing’s face.


Bode was trying to cast the image of Blessing’s voluptuous body out of his mind. He was tired and in need of companionship. Titi was not available and all he could think of was Blessing’s breasts. His head told him to get up and take a cold shower, his mind enticed him with the image of Blessing’s body and his body was gradually rising to the occasion.
“Who knew she had a body like that? No! Think about Titi. Think about your beautiful wife” he thought
Titi walked in full of apologies.
“Oh honeyplum! I’m so sorry. When did you get back? Mummy Teni lost her sister and I went to comfort her” she said all in one breath
“It’s alright” he said wearily
“Are you alright?”
“Just tired and in need of my lovely wife”
“Aww…pele” she pulled him close as he started to kiss her neck and run his hands down her arms
“It’s such a pity. She was just forty! She had cancer. It’s so sad” she said
“Yeah…” Bode could care less about Mummy’s Teni’s sister right now. he continued kissing her, pulling her to the bed and beneath him, kissing her passionately and exploring her supple body under her blouse. Who cared about Blessing’s body. This was heaven.
“Honey….honey…Bode” she said firmly
“What?” he asked exasperated.
“I’m on my period”
“You have got to be kidding me!” he said angrily
He rose from the bed and stormed off into the bathroom. Fifteen minutes later he got back into the bed and turned off the light. Titi was bewildered.

Glimmer Part 4

Claim ignorance.
That’s the first and best strategy I can come up with to get myself out of this mess. How could I have been so careless? In my haste to cook another pot of rice for the children after I forgot the first one on the burner while I entertained my guest, I didn’t remember to put away the extra condom he left on the bed. It is over. Just a month! My mother would never let me hear the last of this.
“I don’t know about it ma!” I cry.
I summon tears of disappointment which appear to my boss as tears of remorse. She’s not buying it.
“Who did you bring into my house?”
“No one ma” I reply as convincingly as possible.

I’ve never seen her so furious. The children are wondering what all the fuss is about. By now they know the shiny sachet is not sweet. She slaps me and for a moment I am almost tempted to spill out the truth.
“I don’t know anything ma” I maintain
“Since you have decided to keep lying, go upstairs and pack your bags. You’re leaving my house this evening”
At this, I break down into violent tears.
“Aunty please… Ok, if I know anything about it may it not be…”
“Don’t bother swearing! I don’t think it can be well with you. Go upstairs and pack your things!” She yells



Follow the lives of four tenants in a compound, as they struggle to deal with their peculiar issues. You will laugh, cry and worry about them!
Follow the lives of four tenants in a compound, as they struggle to deal with their peculiar issues. You will laugh, cry and worry about them!

I’m packing my bag and crying regretfully. I have messed everything up. All the dreams I had! To think that I have to go back to nothing, there isn’t even a kiosk anymore. There is a knock on the door.
“Unpack your things. The condom belonged to my brother-in-law. He used to use this room.”
“Thank you ma!” I kneel down thanking her and my good fortune profusely.
What? I get another chance!

Bode Coker
Deji can be so irresponsible. He knows there are children in the house, how could he leave a thing like that lying around. Maybe now that he’s finished his service year he’ll conduct himself properly. It’s just lucky that I called Titi at the right time. The poor girl must have been terrified; Titi is such a sweet woman but she also has a hot temper when provoked.

How do I tell her now that Deji wants to come and stay with us for a while pending the time he gets a job?

I’m calm now. I’ve restrategized. At the top of my list is revenge. I’m in the children’s room making their beds, I know they’re just kids but life is not fair. I smile as I slide open slightly the mosquito net.

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Glimmer Part 3

It’s been a month since I started working for the Cokers. Alhaja was right, they are good people and have treated me well so far. Aunty even bought me new clothes and underwear and I’m sure I’ve gained a little weight with the good food I’ve been eating. I have my own room! When they’ve all gone out, I watch AfricaMagic and Soundcity till it’s almost time for them to return. Life is good.

Aunty runs her own business (I’m not sure what kind) and Uncle is an Engineer (at least his friends call him that). Their children Lolade and Kiitan are pleasant enough. I’m not sure what to make of them yet, but I like them for now. The house is a five bedroom duplex with a study, two sitting rooms, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a gym room- a whole room just for exercises! My chores are sweeping, cleaning, ironing, and cooking. I don’t have to wash the clothes, Aunty has taught me how to operate the machine that does it. Hmmn! I will be rich!

Everyday my resolve to execute my plan is stronger. I must continue living this kind of life. Uncle is a fine man, he’s quiet, and I know he loves his wife. It will take time for him to succumb to my charms, but I know he will. Why? Because my father was quiet too, and he loved all his wives.

I have a mobile phone now, Aunty gave it to me. Through it I’ve been able to keep in touch with my mother. She always reminds me to maintain my focus. Last night she called me to say that the government had bulldozed her kiosk. Now she needs eighty thousand naira to rent a shop where she can continue her trade. This is not the first time I’m rendering her financial assistance. I promised her I would get the money.


Dr Famakinwa
Blessing! I sigh with pleasure and lick my lips in anticipation. I know she’s home alone and the children won’t be back from school till the next hour. Virgin indeed! I laugh when I remember Titi’s surprised look. She’s always been easy to please. She’s a good woman. I know Blessing is not ideal for them but she has come at a most opportune time; my wife is out of the country again. Thank God for an ambitious wife!

The gateman is questioning my presence at the Coker’s at this time of the day. I didn’t consider what I would tell him. Bloody ingrate! After all the tips I’ve given him.
“Get out of my way you idiot! Am I a visitor here?” I yell at him. It works.

But why is Doctor here? There’s no one at home. Is Blessing sick? It must be Blessing. My future queen, I will check up on her later.

He is here. It’s payday and I know what he wants. I offer him a drink but he’s not interested. How can he be? I’m wearing my bum shorts. I lead him to my room, his eyes are glazed with raw desire.

Explore a day in the life of a street hawker. Buy this short story today.
Explore a day in the life of a street hawker. Buy this short story today.

Titi Coker
I have to be home early today. The kids start their tests tomorrow and I know Blessing would not be able to prepare them well. Besides, she’s already tired by now with all the housework. I honk the horn several times before Emmanuel opens the gate sleepy-eyed.

“Welcome ma” he says
“And where were you?”
“Sorry ma…” he stutters
“Is that the answer to my question? Just get out of my sight!”

Blessing opens the door looking flustered. What a day she must have had. Perhaps I should get someone to help her with the housework. I sit down on the sofa to relax. It’s been a long day. Kiitan comes running with Lolade in pursuit.

“Don’t you two have books to read?”
“Mummy, Kiitan won’t share”
“Share what?” I ask
“The sweet”
“Kiitan give it to me, you’re both sharing it”
He hands it over reluctantly. This is not a sweet, it’s an unused condom.

“Kiitan where did you get this” I ask quietly, trying to steady my nerves.

“It was in Aunty Blessing’s room”.

Glimmer Part 2

Titi Coker
I like this girl. She speaks fairly good English and looks presentable, but she’s older than I expected; she already has the body of a woman. This shouldn’t be a problem, in fact, it is not a problem. I trust Bode, we have a good marriage. Enough of these gloomy thoughts! I just hope she passes the tests. Dr Famakinwa has always been our trusted friend and I’m sure he’ll take her through all the necessary tests.
She looks nervous. I don’t blame her, I would be too. I hate hospitals. We are waiting for the results now and the entire process has gone well. She is a virgin. Unbelievable! I don’t see why she would have lied about it when Dr Famakinwa asked if she was sexually active. Bode is calling. Oops! In my excitement I totally forgot to tell him about Misturat, no, Blessing. Her name is Blessing now.



How could I have told them that I was not a virgin? I can’t believe they were so gullible. I must continue to keep up this good impression so that my plan goes smoothly. I’m not going back to Osogbo the way I left.
The nurse calls my madam. How long does a phone call take? Rich people sha! The nurse insists that I go in to see the doctor. I am terrified, the man has such a mean look. I enter his office and he tells me the results, my madam walks in a few minutes later and he shares the results with her, we are both relieved.

Titi Coker
Thank God she passed. Finally I’ll have more time to run my business. I am anxious to get her home so that I can acquaint her with her job but first I have to wait for her to get her medication; her blood count is low and she tested positive for malaria.

Thank God I passed! I’m on my way to the good life death snatched away from me. I walk lightheartedly towards the pharmacy where I’m to be given the medication for the STI. The doctor and I have made a deal. What a blessing he is! Wait a minute, that’s my new name, Blessing

Glimmer Part 1

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It has been seven years now since the death of my father and sometimes I miss him so much. Today is one of those days, when I’m reminded of how life used to be: full of hope. Alhaja has come for me like mother said she would and I am ready. Although my mother was the third wife of my father Alhaji Olagunju, we had been comfortable. Upon his death however, his brothers and other family members took over all his properties leaving my mother and her colleagues penniless. We had to relocate to Osogbo, to my grandparents’ where my mother has been selling food in a kiosk by the roadside. Although this caters for our immediate needs, we are constantly in need when it comes to the bigger expenses such as school fees and bills.

Alhaja is my mother’s customer. She especially likes her amala and abula garnished with bokoto and ponmo; her maid Biliki comes for it every afternoon. She told my mother about one of her friends who lived in Lagos and was in need of a house help; a young girl who was semiliterate and could communicate effectively with her other rich friends. I would be well taken care of; her friend wouldn’t have her house help dressed in rags or inferior clothing. Her friend was willing to pay fifteen thousand naira monthly. I would have to open a bank account, she would pay my salary directly into my account. Alhaja thought I was perfect for the job. My mother was excited. Last night she went on and on about how large I should shine my eyes. I am seventeen years old and my body has taken the shape of a curvaceous young woman. Puberty came early. My mother doesn’t even have to say too much. I am tired of this life of wanting.


Alhaja was right about the house. It is magnificent. The security guy opens the gate and greets Alhaja effusively. His reward is swift. She promises him a tip on her way out. Before we enter the house she warns me again to be on my best behaviour. I promise I her would. We enter the house and Alhaja calls out to her friend telling her that she’s brought me. A beautiful middle aged woman with warm eyes comes down the stairs in a few minutes. I like her. I go through an interview and she seems satisfied with me because she tells Alhaja that she hopes I pass the test. What on earth she is talking about? Am I an animal that is to be examined before it is bought? I am not one of those other house helps from Togo or Benin. I am a school cert holder simply faced with the harsh reality of life. I am about to object when Alhaja says “You better set out now so you can make it back before the rush hour traffic. My fate is sealed. However I have enough confidence left to ask “What kind of tests ma?”

“See this foolish girl, what kind of question is that? Do you think she wants to use you for blood rituals?” Alhaja snaps at me, furious that I would dare to be audacious.

“Ah ah Alhaja don’t worry about it. It’s just a simple question. You are going to do a pregnancy test, HIV test and any other tests the doctor advises” she calmly explains.

Now I am afraid. Since my encounter with that unfortunate man, Lasun, Alhaja’s driver I’ve been experiencing itching in my private part. We set out in her jeep and although I am enjoying the elegance of the vehicle’s interior, I am anxious.