On International Women’s Day…

It’s International Women’s Day.

I celebrate you, woman.

I celebrate your strength, your tenacity, your achievements, and your sacrifices.

As we mark another year of womanhood, let us remember that we need each other, let us remember that we owe it to ourselves to hold one other up.

Let us remember that we are powerful beyond our wildest dreams, let’s harness this power for the greater good of mankind.

Let’s shrug off parasites, those who only take from us and give nothing in return.

Let us recognize and understand the true boundaries of our existence and let no one encroach upon it.

My truth is not your truth, just as yours isn’t mine. Let’s live and let live.

No matter what, know this, you are special. Truly special.

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  1. Happy International Women’s Day. Indeed, women are to be celebrated. Thanks for sharing a thought for a day like this when the whole world chooses to celebrate womanhood.

    Shout out to all the women God has surrounded me with and planted in my life. I celebrate them today and always.

    Keep up the good work ‘Lola

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