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Niyi Akinmolayan’s The Arbitration.

Movie Review

What is truth?

This is the question that Niyi Akinmolayan’s The Arbitration asks, and after watching the film, I’m convinced that sometimes, truth is what we say it is.

In The Arbitration, OC Ukeje’s character Gbenga Sanni and Adesua Etomi’s character Dara Olujobi who are coworkers have a falling out after a romantic relationship. Dara accuses him of rape during their last sexual encounter, Gbenga says it was mutual. An arbitration is set up to settle the matter.


I like this movie for several reasons. First, the conversations. Kudos to Chinaza Onuzo the writer of the movie. I enjoyed the dialogue, especially between Gbenga and Dara and although some of the techy dialogue flew over my head, it was refreshing to see a Nigerian movie with intelligent dialogue.

How can I talk about this movie without mentioning the acting. My oh my! I liked the power tussle between Iretiola Doyle and Somkele’s characters, even though I honestly think that more could have been done with Ms Doyle’s character. And the chemistry between OC Ukeje and Adesua Etomi? You people should just go and watch it please!

I also liked the continuity. I mean Adesua changed her hairstyle several times! We actually saw a good effort in ensuring continuity.

I think that Niyi Akinmolayan did a good job directing this film. I can’t think of any character who didn’t play their role well, and this includes the guy in the red shirt with the “Keep Calm and Pray” inscription on it. 😂 And while we’re talking about actors, can I talk about Gregory Ojefua’s interpretation of his role as the geeky technopreneur? It was a delight to watch!

Am I full of praises for this movie? Maybe I am. But it was refreshing to watch a Nigerian production that didn’t disappoint intellectually, a deviation from the superficial romantic comedies that seem to be the norm.

It’s still in the cinemas. Plan to watch it this weekend.

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