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International Women’s Day!


It’s International Women’s Day! So like I said yesterday we’re going to celebrate it and here’s how. I would like for us to celebrate women that we normally wouldn’t celebrate. This woman can be in your community, your place of worship, at work, at the market, anywhere! Just think of someone you normally wouldn’t celebrate and say why you’re celebrating her. You may also share her picture. Please do this in the comments section.

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The purpose of this is to help us to appreciate women everywhere and to just generally be aware of the women around us. So please let the world know about a woman today and please include the hashtag: #InternationalWomensDay

P.S: Mothers’ Day was on Sunday so please think of someone who ISN’T your mother.

Here’s a woman I want to celebrate:

This is Bidemi and this is her stall. She has three children and this is her story.

IMG_20160307_151839 IMG_20160307_151358


“My mother owns the stall but she can’t handle it all by herself so someone must help her… She doesn’t own all the goods, one person owns the pepper, another person owns the yams, and another person owns the kerosene. I have my own business which is not even here. When I finish up here in the evenings I go to sell my own goods. There is a woman I look up to, she counsels me… there are women who are even better than one’s own mother.”


I celebrate Bidemi because she is a team player and she is a hardworker. I can always count on seeing her at the stall, come rain or shine with her children. Yesterday after I finished speaking with her I thought about her life and how so little I would have known of her struggles if we hadn’t conversed. Yet again I realize that the world doesn’t revolve around me and women everywhere have their own stories. #InternationalWomensDay


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