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Guessing Games

Short Story
Dare is having an affair, I’m certain of it. I can’t believe he would do this after everything we’ve been through.  My mother didn’t approve of our marriage but we got married anyway and then we had to wait for two years before our kids were born and even though he was the one with the problem, I stuck with him and then he chooses to do a thing like this?

“Babe, are you okay?” he asks adjusting his tie.

“Yeah…yeah I am” I respond hurriedly, reapplying my powder.

“Are you sure? You looked lost in thought” He says with concern that I’m sure is fake.

“I’m fine” I respond curtly

“Okay…” He mutters, unconvinced.

I pack my things, get the kids and bid him goodbye without looking in his direction.


“What are you looking for?” Cynthia asks.

“The slides” I respond irritably.

“What slides?… Wait, don’t tell me you’re looking for the slides of the presentation we are doing in the next two hours” She says agitatedly. Cynthia has never been good at handling crises, she freaks out over the slightest things.

“Would you please keep your voice down!” I snap at her, I don’t need this right now.

“Keep my voice down? We’ve been working on this presentation for the past two months and it’s a miracle that the management has even agreed to meet with us today and you’re telling me to keep my voice down?” She cries in her tiny voice.

“Okay continue shouting!” I retort frustrated. “If you shout long enough we will find it” I hiss at her and the situation. She can see I’m in no mod for her emotional outburst so she asks hopefully in a calmer voice.

“Do you have a backup?”

“Yes! Yes, but it’s at home.”

“There shouldn’t be traffic at this time. Let’s go!”


The first thing I notice is Dare’s car parked inside the house. Eh! He brought the whore to my house, on my matrimonial bed! I’ve been trying to keep it together and I could never have thought I would be doing this but heaven must fall today. I hiss and shake my head unbelievingly and then say out loud.

“What nonsense! Open the door!” I scream at the frightened and confused Cynthia who fumbles with the locks. “I’m going to show him a different side of me today” I say and then dash out of the car and into the compound. I climb the stairs hurriedly and even stumble at some point; I want to catch the two of them in the act so he won’t tell me a different story. I have my own key so I open the door as quietly as possible, I can hear the TV. Finally I get it open and burst into the sitting room where I find Dare sitting on the couch in his boxers, drinking some juice. He spills some on his chest in surprise and fear.

“B…B…babe what are you do…doing here?” he stutters.

I can’t afford to dignify him with an answer; I rush into the room to find the whore who is audacious to come into my house to sleep with my husband. I tear the bedroom door open and hiss angrily, the bed is ruffled but she’s nowhere to be found, she must have heard me coming. I throw myself on the ground, searching under the bed.

“Babe what are you doing?!” Dare asks concerned.

“Looking for your whore!”  I spit at him.

“What?” He says unbelievingly.

I run out of the bedroom back into the sitting room where I find Cynthia looking bewildered, I can’t be bothered by her looks right now, I’m still searching for the whore. I look in the kitchen and the store but she’s nowhere to be found.

“Babe there’s no one there.” Dare calls out softly.

I don’t believe him. “You men are such liars!!!” I yell at him furiously.

“There’s no one in the house, it’s just me.” He says more gently. “I got fired and I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you would freak out especially since we just found out you’re pregnant and just bought your car. I’ve been working on getting a new job and things are really looking up. Why would you even think I’m cheating on you, after all we’ve been through?”

All the steam blows out in a whiff and I suddenly start sweating because I have made a complete fool of myself. “But you changed…” I say in my defense. “You stopped talking to me, you weren’t interested in sex and you kept late nights.”

“Because that’s when things were really heating up at the office and I suspected that I’d get fired.” He responds gently.

“Err… I don’t mean to interrupt this family time but we have a presentation in less than an hour” Cynthia says hesitantly but with the urgency of the situation and it is then I realize that I have not only made a fool of myself in front of Dare but also in front of Cynthia the office busybody who has also seen my husband half naked.


“You didn’t tell me your husband is sooo sexy” Cynthia says on the way back to the office.

“Don’t you dare say a word!” I snap at her.

She replies with a wide smile on her face, she can barely contain her laughter.

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