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Glimmer Part 17



This is the last post of Glimmer. I hope you have enjoyed it, please let me know what you think about the series. thanks again for all your comments and shares. Please follow the blog for the latest updates. 


The doorbell saved Deji from the worst mistake he would have made. They had been peeling off each other’s clothes and kissing passionately when the doorbell rang. Emmanuel had come to inform him that he was going to the next street for about an hour. Blessing had waited for him ready to continue, but his head had cleared and he shamefacedly told her that what they had done was a mistake that couldn’t repeat itself. She had begged him, telling him she needed his comfort to wipe away the trauma of the assault at home but it was too late. “You’re like a younger sister to me” he said and walked up the stairs.
Blessing was furious, no one had ever refused her. Men had always wanted her. It was time for option B.
It was exactly a week after Toke found about her husband and Blessing and today was judgement day for them both. Now Toke had a sweet disposition, she wished no one evil and tried as much as possible to avoid confrontation. However after the last time she found out that Segun cheated on her something within her changed. She stopped loving him and she only stayed in the marriage because of their children. She however remained
civil, even courteous to him but devoted her energy towards her children and her career. For Segun to have cheated on her again and with a maid was too much for her to overlook, she became resentful and bitter towards him. Still she didn’t want to leave, she had married him for better or for worse. So she decided she would take away his pride just as he had taken away hers.
Blessing held the powder in her hand and remembered her mother’s instruction. “Pour it into his food and make
sure you eat out of it too” she had said pushing the substance into her hand the morning she left for Lagos.
They were all seated in the sitting room reminiscing about the highlights of the party. It had been a good
one, the kids had had such a good time.
”Can I have something to drink please?” Toke asked
“Sure. Blessing!” Titi called out
Blessing was angry, she was just about to eat Deji’s leftover.
“Yes ma!” she responded.
“Bring a bottle of malt and a bottle of water please”
“Yes ma” she replied
“Thank you” Toke said as Blessing served her. “Oh! Blessing” she called out
“Yes ma” she replied, she wasn’t comfortable around this woman.
“I’m looking for this cuff-link” she said bringing out a cuff link from her purse and holding it up to her. Dr
Famakinwa almost choked on his water. What was Titi doing? This was his cufflink, he had been looking for it.
Blessing was confused, “I don’t know where it is ma” she replied. She hadn’t seen it before.
“Oh c’mon check your room; it must be under your bed, your pillow or within your sheets” she said smiling. This was more fun than she imagined.
Everyone else was confused. The Sowunmis a dear family friend to the Cokers and the Famakinwas , were
embarrassed. Was Toke drunk?
“What are you talking about Toke?” Titi asked.
”Isn’t that the cuff-link we found in the kitchen? How could Blessing possibly know where it is? She doesn’t steal.” Titi said annoyed.
“Yeah, maybe not your money but she stole my man!”
“Titi we need to leave” Dr Famakinwa said rising.
“Sit down!” Titi ordered.
Deji and Cynthia were at the dining, he saw where this was going and he believed it, he knew there was
something odd about Dr Famakinwa’s visit the other day.
“Ask her what she was doing on the day you went for that burial and Emmanuel got into trouble with you,” she
said to Bode. “Have you ever wondered why she didn’t open the gate?”
Bode knew something was off about Blessing but Segun would never stoop so low to sleep with his wife’s maid. Or
would he?
“She was sick. She was asleep when we got home, she even went to the hospital. Didn’t she come to your
office?” Titi said. This whole accusation sounded so preposterous to Titi and she pitied Blessing who by now was visibly stricken with fear.
”Segun left his office around ten that day, that’s what his secretary told me. And he didn’t come home until around
a quarter to twelve. He was here, I assume stuck in Blessing’s room. Emmanuel told me that Blessing took out the trash around eleven at night. Does that even make sense to you? And on top of that I found this cuff-link in your kitchen where again I assume he must have dropped it.” She faced Segun, “Deny it” she dared him.
Dr Famakinwa’s head was bowed. He was humiliated, Toke had done the unthinkable, he never should have underestimated her.
“It was the work of the devil,” he said remorsefully. “It happened only once. In fact I’m sure she charmed me because I never could have done it in my right mind”
This last statement snapped Blessing out of her shock of the unexpected turn of events. She should never have had Dr Famakinwa over that day, she should never have slept with Lasun who put her in a vulnerable situation with Dr Famakinwa, she should have listened to Mr Dike.
“It didn’t happen just once.” She said defeated.
“Shut up!” Dr Famakinwa said
“Aunty do you remember that condom incident? It was mine, his actually. He gave it to me,
that was the first time.”
“What? All this time?” Titi said unbelieving. “I thought you said it belonged to Deji” Titi said to Bode.
“Yes, I just assumed it was his. He used to have a girl over when he was here the last time, and you did tell me she was a virgin” Bode said in his defense.
“When we went for those tests he told me I had an STI, l had to sleep with him so that you wouldn’t send me back. We are poor and everyone at home was counting on me.” She said crying gently “I just want a better life!”
Blessing packed her bags and headed down towards the stairs the next morning. She thought about the many things she could have done right, her scheming had only ruined her chances of the better life that she so dearly wanted.
“Here take this,” Bode said giving her an envelope. Blessing looked at the cheque of fifty thousand naira and thanked her boss. How could he do this for her after all she had done? Titi looked on, angry yet sad at such a waste. She had planned to send her to school or help her learn a trade. Blessing had been such a help, but she had broken her trust.
Blessing walked on out of the Cokers, sad that the glimmer of hope that had come her way was lost. Mr Dike’s
words resounded in her ears.
“My daughter it is never too late to begin again”

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