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Glimmer Part 12


Titi held Blessing and allowed her to cry. She seemed so shaken by the news. She had thought of not telling her but her mother did say that she should call her immediately. This was a bad day for the poor girl, first she was sick and now this. Bode came in to the kitchen wondering what was going on.
“Her grandmother passed on” she said in reply to the questioning look he gave her
“Oh! Sorry…” He signaled to Titi telling her he would be upstairs
“Sorry dear…she’s gone to a better place”
Blessing just kept crying. She was saddened by the fact that her grandmother was dead; the woman had been more of a mother to her than her own biological mother. She was more sorry however for what she had sacrificed for nothing. She was no virgin or saint but she had spent the last month convincing herself that she was better than a scheming seductress. Now she was back to her vomit and she could hear the taunting voices in her head reminding her that she was nothing but trash. How would she face Deji again? Dr Famakinwa had even had the guts to call her a prostitute! After she had cried enough Titi reminded her that she needed to call her mother, so she went back upstairs to get her phone.
Dr Famakinwa was livid with rage by the time she got to her room. He was still naked though his clothes were beside him on the floor, he was too scared that someone might suddenly open the door while he was dressing up. He could tell she was the one who came into the room because she sat down on the bed sniffing.
“Where the hell have you been? How dare you leave me like this? First of all, lock the door so I can put my clothes on. Blessing! Blessing! Are you deaf?” he called out to her from under the bed.
“Hello Mummy…sorry ma I was sleeping” she burst into tears. Dr Famakinwa was greatly confused. What was going on? Had they been found out?
“When did she die?…” she cried some more “I’ve not discussed it with my madam yet. But I’m sure she will allow me to come tomorrow…Have you buried her yet?…ok ma…Ma?…I’ve heard you ma” Blessing couldn’t believe her ears. Her mother had asked her to come home with as much money as she could; she planned to give her mother a good burial. What sort of life is this? She wondered.
“Blessing! What happened?” Dr Famakinwa asked gently
“My grandmother died while I was having sex with you”
Dr Famakinwa didn’t know what to say. “I’m sorry”
“Oh you will be! The money you are paying me is now two hundred thousand naira”
“What? You little…”
“If you refuse to pay the whole world will know what we have been doing here. I will give you your phone now and you will transfer the money into my account. When I get the bank’s alert I will find a way of getting you out of here and out of my life.”  She tossed his phone to him under the bed just as Kiitan burst into her room
“Aunty Blessing! Mummy said you should come downstairs”
“Ok dear” she said and followed him out, leaving Dr Famakinwa to his misery.
Bode ended the phone call with Dr Famakinwa’s wife and turned to his wife.
“She can’t find Segun”
“What do you mean?
“He’s not home, at the office or at the gym and he’s not taking his calls”
“That’s odd. Where could he be?” Titi said worried
“I just hope he’s not cheating on Toke again. This has happened before”
“Really? I don’t believe that! Segun is a wonderful guy!”
“Yeah! What a day, from a burial to the news of another death”
“Yeah…Bode I think we should give something to Blessing as she goes home tomorrow. You know there will be a burial and she’s been a wonderful girl”
“Yeah she has” Bode said with meaning
“What do you mean by that?” Titi asked suspiciously
“Nothing, I’m just agreeing with you. Look babe I’m tired. Whatever you decide is fine, let’s just got to bed please okay?” he said nibbling her ears
“Hmmn…okay…going to bed is a good idea” she said giggling
Blessing had seen the alert but deliberately left Dr Famakinwa under the bed for the next three hours. When she got back Dr Famakinwa could barely contain his temper.
“You crazy bittch! You left me here for hours!”
“Continue shouting so they can hear you” she said as she started packing her bags
“Blessing please I need to go. Please help me out, I know you’re angry but please help me out” he said calmly
“Come out and put on your clothes” she said sourly.
When he was done, Blessing led him quietly downstairs to the kitchen and out of the house through the backdoor.
“I’ll distract Emmanuel, leave when you sense the time is right”
“OK.” He said, his anger returned. His wife had called him over forty times, the hospital too had called him several times. He was going to have to come up with a very convincing story as to his whereabouts.
“Don’t let me ever see you again. Don’t ever call me”
“I won’t if you’ve not made me pregnant yet. Foolish old man. I’m very crazy now, you better not provoke me” she retorted.
They got to the gate house and Blessing knocked on Emmanuel’s door while Dr Fmakinwa hid behind.
“Emmanuel… how are you? Sorry it’s late. I just wanted to let you know I’m travelling tomorrow, my grandmother died”
“Oh sorry…when will you come back?”
“I don’t know yet. Goodnight, I want to take out the trash. I’ll lock the gate”
“Okay…sorry o” he said and closed the door
Blessing led Dr Famakinwa out.

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