Glimmer Part 11

“Blessing!” Titi called out. No response. She opened the door to Blessing’s bedroom and found her huddled beneath the covers. Why would she still be asleep at this time? She moved closer to her bed.
“Yes Aunty” she responded weakly
“What is wrong with you?” she stood beside her now and bent down to touch her forehead. It was warm.
“I’m not feeling well”
“But you were fine yesterday!” Titi said confused
“I don’t understand it ma”
“Okay just stay in bed and rest, I don’t think you can come with us today although I was really counting on your help. When we get back in the evening, I’ll take you to the hospital”
I can go by myself ma. I’m not sure I can wait until evening” Blessing said weakly
“Will you be able to find your way?”
“Yes ma”
“Are you sure you’ll be fine alone?” Titi asked
“Yes ma, thank you”
Titi left the room, feeling uncomfortable about the arrangement; she felt she should take her to the hospital herself. As soon as she was gone, Blessing threw off the covers, her plan had worked perfectly.

Within the next two hours after the family had left the house, Blessing was dressed and ready to go, she was about to leave the house when her phone rang. It was Dr Famkinwa, she hoped he wasn’t calling to cancel. She had promised her mother she was going to pay some money into her account today.
“Hello sir”
“Yes, Blessing where are you?”
“I’m about to leave the house”
“Good! Don’t leave I’m coming over to your house”
“There is no one at home is there? Haven’t they all gone out for that burial?”
“Yes… but…”
“Deji has travelled. There’s no one at home. Emmanuel won’t say anything if he wants to keep his job. I’m coming over.”
“But…Hello?” he had hung up. What is this? She wondered. There was truly no one at home but she was more comfortable meeting with the man outside. So Deji had travelled? Perhaps the guy didn’t care about her at all, he hadn’t even bothered to tell her anything. But she thoroughly missed him! She felt to alone in the world. There was nothing to do now but wait.

Dr Famakinwa pushed open the pedestrian gate. Where was Emmanuel? He knocked on the door and Blessing let him in.
“Where is Emmanuel?”
“He said he was going to see his friends down the street”
“Oh good. Shall we get down to business?”
“I need the money first”
“You don’t trust me! You’re acting like a common prostitute” Blessing didn’t respond, she had no time for this, she just wanted to get over this meeting as soon as possible. She counted the money and when she saw that it was complete she led him to her room.

The burial ceremony had gone on well so far but Titi was uncomfortable. She kept thinking of Blessing and how she must be feeling, she had not taken any of her calls so she was very worried, perhaps they should leave earlier than planned. She didn’t want any trouble because she wasn’t responsible enough to take care of another person’s child. She got up from her chair to speak with Bode and within the next thirty minutes they were on their way home.
Bode on the other hand could care less about Blessing. Ever since that night he had come to the conclusion that Blessing had actually tried to seduce him and although his first instinct was to tell Titi about it, Blessing was truly a big help to her and the kids loved her. Titi’s business was doing better because she had more time on her hands to go the extra mile. So, he had developed a strategy to avoid her and barely spoke to her. He couldn’t understand however why Titi couldn’t see that sometimes her blouse was too low cut or that her jeans were too tight.
They got home and he honked the horn. No one responded. Where was Emmanuel or Blessing for that matter? Bode got down from the car and opened the gate himself, thinking the whole time that the both of them were in big trouble.

The noise of the kids woke Blessing up. Dr Famakinwa was naked beside her snoring deeply. How could they be back so soon? What was she going to do? Their clothes were strewn all over the floor and she could hear the kids coming up the stairs.

Titi  opened the door to Blessing’s room.
“How are you feeling now?”
“Better ma…” Titi touched her forehead, she felt better
“What did Dr Famakinwa say?”
“He said I had malaria, he gave some drugs”
“Ok. Where is Emmanuel?” she asked
“He said he was going to see his friend”
“And he left the house unguarded? Anyway he’ll answer himself when he gets back” Titi turned towards the door but noticed Blessing’s bedsheet was crumpled and damp, she must have been sweaty she thought. “Come downstairs and eat something ok?”
“Yes ma” she replied and watched Titi walk out the door.

Dr Famakinwa was under the bed sweating profusely. This was a mess! Blessing said quietly to him. “I have to go downstairs”
“What? And what happens to me, are you going to leave me down here?”
“I can’t stay with you! Aunty said I should come downstairs”
It was a complicated situation but Blessing was slightly amused. The great Dr Famakinwa naked under the bed! She smiled.” Serves him right!” she thought
Titi seemed lost in thought. From the corner of her eye she saw Blessing come in.
“Blessing!…your mother called”
“Ma?…” she was confused, why couldn’t her mother just be patient!
“She said you were not taking your calls and I told her that you must have been asleep. I didn’t tell her you were not feeling well. She said I should tell you…” she sighed “She said I should tell you that your grandmother is dead and that you should call her immediately”
Blessing opened her mouth to say something but all she could do was cry.

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